Free Micah

Free Micah

 Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

We have a unique juxtaposition of the soft and subdued sounds of harmonies, keys, and female vocals with the harder, more heightened tones of dual electric guitars and male lead vocals that give free micah our specific sound.


The almost 2 year-old band’s debut album, "We Sure Do Get Around to Living" is 12 songs of sometimes plaintive, sometimes jaunty piano- and electric-guitar powered folk rock peppered with see-sawing cello and the angelic vocals of keyboardist RaeLeigh Narisi harmonizing with Jay Calhoun. In contrast, live the 6 piece band from Little Rock, AR displays a more uptempo, highly infectious, boot-stomping, emotional rock ‘n’ roll.
A song such as “Little Rock” — on record a deliberate fingerpicked acoustic guitar ode to Little Rock — is a fist-pumping anthem of youth, with Calhoun demanding the crowd assembled in front of the stage to “Raise your glasses in the air” and “Wake up!”

“It’s definitely grown,” said Calhoun of Free Micah’s music. “It’s a lot more rock to the sound now where earlier it was more coffeehouse. We’ve been rocking. It’s just a natural progression. It’s an option now with the addition of drums and bass and keyboards.”

The roots of the band and its songs stretch back to Calhoun playing coffeehouses in his hometown of Texarkana.
The 12 tracks on their debut album deliver tales of unrequited love, broken hearts, falling in love, hometowns — the aforementioned “Little Rock,” inspired by Seay’s Little Rock tattoo on his forearm — and references to God.
“I want to do everything we can with what we got,” Calhoun said. “Playing this [album] and perfecting it is going to be fun. I want to run with what we got and write for a new album along the way. I just really like what we have.”
~Sync Magazine


"We Sure Do Get Around To Living" (2009)
"Good News Is..." (December, 2010 Release Date)