Free Rain

Free Rain


FREE RAIN is an improvisational trio with a wide variety of original music, which is used as a springboard for their live performances. No two shows are the same, as is the case with any proper musical journey. Steeped in the blues and jazz, but with a rock and roll soul...


--LOST: Soulful, solid rock & roll, raw, clean, and true. -------FOUND: FREE RAIN pours in with a truly unique sound amidst today's homogenous, brand-name, bubblegum factory music. This eclectic array of rock, blues, jazz, and funk hearkens back to bygone days when music was intended to truly move you, shake you, and take you all kinds of places. Bringing together their vast array of influences and experiences into a tight-knit unit, FREE RAIN conjures up infinite emotion with each note they play, blending together sounds and feelings to create new, powerful, unique music that can truly transcend that particular moment in time.


Sorry I Suppose

Written By: Lyrics by Brother Sal - Music by Free Rain

The sky's not as blue as it used to be
Don't have a clue why that don't bother me
I used to think I wasn't doin' no harm
That there'd never be a cause for alarm
-But I admit that I was wrong
-Guess I'll be travellin' on..
Wish I had a care what tomorrow brings
Probably pain and despair among other things
Hell no, I won't sacrifice my life for
The same things that all you people strive for
-Now it's a shame, that's just how it goes
-I'm sorry I suppose
-Guess I'll be travellin' on
Sorry, I suppose, is not a good excuse
Sorry I suppose gonna be my hangman's noose
I think if more of you would listen to reason
You'd see I'm falsely accused of treason
-Now I know my last words are clear
-You just refuse to hear - You just refuse to hear- Guess I'll be travellin' on....

Blues For Desiree

Written By: Brother Sal

Everybody loves Desiree
But who gonna get hurt pends on where she lay
Right by my side's where she did stay
'Cause nobody loved her- Nobody loved her more than me
Everybody needs Desiree
But I never seen so many demons in a fray
I got what she need to get away
From all of them strange cats- All them strange cats she led astray
These are the blues for Desiree
She just need some new shoes and a place to stay
These are the dues she got to pay
As she looks beyond, yes- She looks beyond her dying day...

Stoned and Crying

Written By: Lyrics by Brother Sal - Music by Free Rain

Gettin' stoned and cryin's
Taking all of my time
Since I lent her my head
And she loses my mind
Now my heart is broken
Although I gotta try and laugh
That big-eyed gypsy girl won't return the other half - Return the other half

Gettin' cold and lyin'
In the bed that she made
I showed her the sun
And she just pulled down the shade
Now gettin' old and dyin'
Is all shes ever gonna be
Unless she takes her heart apart and give the other half to me- The other half to
-Stoned and Crying
-Now she's cold and lying
-Gettin' old and dying
-- She stoned

Why'd You Leave

Written By: Lyrics by Brother Sal - Music by Free Rain

Why did you leave me?
Why did you go?
Why did you leave me?
Leave me alone
How did learn to...
How did you know?
How did you turn yourself into stone?
-You say you wanna be loved
-You say you wanna be free
-You say you're just tryin' to keep warm
--Well, nobody's got more fire than me
---Nobody's got more fire than me

Why did you leave me?
Why did you go?
Why did you leave me?
Leave me alone
How did you burn me?
How do you glow?
How did you pull me out of my stone?
-You said you wanna be mine
-Then you say you wanna be his
-And then you say you just passin' the time
--Well, nobody got more time than this
---Nobody's got more time than this

Why did you leave me?
Why did you go?
Why did you leave me?
Leave me alone
How did you burn me?
How do you glow?
How did you pull me out of my stone?....


Written By: Brother Sal Maffettone/ FREE RAIN

Once upon a time I had a notion
It seemed like a good idea to me
I was gonna go sailing out into the ocean
I didn't think that I could be lost at sea
-As I wake up, I think it was a nightmare
-Until I notice some blood on my head
-As I look up, I see her standing right there
-Singing, "Soon you gonna wish you was dead"
** I've never seen her- I never done her no wrong
** But there's no time now- I haven't got very long...

To get all of my courage together
To undo whatever I have done
If I don't I'll be lost out here forever
Now it seems like my chance is next to none
-As she surfaces, she says she's very sorry
-But she got to take everything that she need
-And then she tells me there's no need to worry
-I will like how my ears start to bleed
**I don't believe her- until she starts to sing
**But there's no time now- already feel the sting...

She sings, "I hope you believe in heaven or hell,
'Cause you're already half the way
You ain't got much time, you better use it well"
So I guess I'll use my time to say(that)
-Once upon a time I had a notion
-Seemed like such a good idea to me
-Gonna go sailing into the ocean
-Didn't think I would be lost at sea
**I never hurt her- She caught me by surprise
**But there's no time now as my life flashes before my eyes...


Self- Titled Demo/EP FREE RAIN (2005/6)

Set List

The band often reaches into it’s extensive cover song repertoire, exploring the works of many great artists, expounding on the groundwork already laid before them. At any particular time, FREE RAIN may interpret the works of such greats as: The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Muddy Waters, Van Morrison, The James Gang, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Howlin’ Wolf, The Grateful Dead, Traffic, The Allman Brothers, Sly Stone, Jimmy Rogers, Creedence, Stevie Ray Vaughan... the list goes on. The boys got tunes, and they can play all night. If you enjoy real music played by real musicians, then a splendid time is guaranteed for all...