Monterey, California, USA

You get it all with Freesound, a 6 to 8 member blues rock n funk band from Monterey CA--- highly skilled musicianship, Hendrixian guitar solos, smokin' vocals, tight rhythm section, sensuous horns, harmonies, songwriting, good image, energetic performance, crowd interaction, and a close camaraderie.


FreeSound, is a 6 to 8 piece blues rock n funk band. Their unique and visionary original music, blends styles and sounds that include funky grooves, roots reggae, rock n' blues and soul psychedelia. The band is # 1 on the blues charts (Reverb Radio) in their hometown, Monterey CA, home of the Monterey Bay Blues Festival.

Freesound's original music is a reminder of what great bands & musicians strive to keep alive, artists like like Jimi Hendrix, Ben Harper, Robert Randolph, & Red Hot Chili Peppers, ----a healthy dose of Funk, Soul, and Rock n' Roll carefully melded into a potent brew.The core songwriters are the Crowe/ Batlin duo.

Freesound gives an energetic crowd-pleasing performance. It's hard for anyone not to get up and move along to the lively music- their song "Freesound Show" says it all- "It's time to "boogie". Part of the band's tightness stems from the fact they all went to school together and have been sharing musical interests and jamming for over a decade. This has created a brotherhood in their music that allows them to write, create and perform in a pure and natural way.

*Keith Batlin, the lead vocalist of the group is able to mold his voice to Robert Plant, Bob Marley, or Al Green without straining. From the honey sweet sounds of "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" to the smokin' sounds of "Shotgun", sit back and enjoy the ride.

*Lead guitarist Adam Crowe blends styles of Hendrix, Clapton, and Page, with his own heart-giving approach. He has been called by guitar great/ entertainer Charo- "one of the best guitarists around today"

*The group’s dynamics is rounded out by a great melting jam pot of sound including tenor saxophone, trombone, stellar vocal harmonies, awesome percussion, and funky keys.

* The band has performed some 980 shows over a 8 year period, developing a strong regional presence in the West, Northwest and Mountain regions.

* They have performed at major festivals, fairs, and college campuses and at top venues up to 1500 capacity including The Big Easy, Roseland Theater, Last Day Saloon, Sweetwater Saloon, Crystal Ballroom, and Jazzbones.

* They have supported major national and international acts, including national blues legend Norton Buffalo, international artists Clinton Fearon, Israel Vibrations, The Itals, Pato Banton, Bambu Station, Mikey Dread, and Culture

This band is ready for whatever the universe brings.


Shine on Me

Written By: Crowe & Batlin

Shine On Me

Sunshine came outside today
on the streets the children played
gone were all the clouds that hang
the sky was such a perfect shade

Let's go out to meet the day
before it's gone and it's too late
ride the wave before it breaks
onto the sand and fades away

Chorus : Shine on me and pour on me
and fall on me again
I'm waiting for the sun
because tomorrow never ends

Let's go take a holiday
ease your mind and drift away
sunbeams shine upon the lake
until the moon can find its way


Watermelon Lover

Written By: Crowe & Batlin

Watermelon Lover

Trippin' on that funky spell you got me under
Slippin' into psychedelic worlds of color
like melons on the vine on the warmest day of summer
You're so juicy sweet, you're my watermelon lover

Watermelon lover you're a lover like no other
My mind was feelin' strange it really made me wonder
what was brewin' in the pot of this mystic voodoo mother
Every time I pick your fruit I have to have another
you're so juicy sweet you're my watermelon lover

The Wildest Place

Written By: Crowe & Batlin

Wildest Place

Everybody had a smile on their face
there were funky fungus buttercups and good things to taste
colored visions came and disappeared without a trace
and everyone was groovin' to that funky old bass

it was the wildest place that you've ever been too
the wildest scene of all

there were jugglers, clowns, and rainbows to chase
women dressed in peacock feathers, paisley, silk, and lace
psychedelic music blew our minds and we flew past time and space
it was like some freaky dream only that wasn't the case

electric kool-aid had us on the go
everybody groovin' to the the show
cryptical vibrations filled the air
you could feel the music everywhere

Land of Love

Written By: Crowe & Batlin

Land of Love

Into a land we gazed so distantly
rainbows stretched across the sky as far as the eye could see
sunflowers all blowing in the breeze
hear the singing waterfall
and put your mind at ease

electric ladies there for everyone
shinin' in a land beneath the sun
inside a magic world of fantasy
everything's as real as it could be

come on ladies let me take you to the land of love
sparklin' lemon sunlight shines on us from up above
cotton candy clouds all fill the skies
c'mon now it's time to take a ride

Honeybabe Blues

Written By: Crowe & Batlin

Honey Babe

Well I ain't got no honey baby now
I guess you didn't love me anyhow
oh, oh me, and it's oh lordy my
and I ain't got no honey baby now

Well she left on that early mornin' train
I never see my good girl again
Oh, oh me, and it's oh lordy my
and she left on that early mornin' train

I say good girl you ain't no girl of mine
Cause my good girl is ramblin' down the line
Oh, oh me, and it's oh lordy my
I say good girl you ain't no girl of mine

I ain't got no honey baby now
I guess you didn't love me anyhow
oh, oh me, and it's oh lordy my
and I ain't got no honey baby now

No I ain't got no honey babe now x 2


Freesound Rock - 2006 - Earth Unity

1. Wildest Place
2. Honey Babe
3. Ocean of Dreams
4. Shades of Blue
5. Watermelon Lover
6. One is All
7. Little Girl
8. Lovely Bright Yellow
9. Yours & Mine
10. Blue Moons of Saturn
11. Land of Love

Roots Is...- 2003- Earth Unity

1. She Can't be Satisfied
2. Shine on Me
3. Black Rider
4. One Bright Day
5. Up We Go
6. Magic Wall
7. Infinite Ocean
8. Evil Moon
9. Sweet Soul Music
10. Carry On
11. Dream Upon a Misty Sea

Mango Man ( roots reggae )-2009- Earth Unity

1. Good & Evil
2. Soul Rockers
3. Children of Zion
4. Sweet Sensi
5. Mystic Rastaman
6. Right Track
7. Mango Man
8. Most High
9. Going to the Sky
10. Noah & The Ark

Cosmic Sailors- 2001 -Earth Unity

1. New Horizon
2. Doodaah Man
3. Lonely Streets
4. Who Do We Fool
5. Deepwater Blues
6. Eyes of Day
7. Ghost Dance
8. Spoken True

Set List


Originals from “The Cosmic Sailors”
Lonely Streets
Deep Water Blues
Who Do We Fool
Spoken True

Originals from Freesound
Honey Babe Blues
Watermelon Lover
The Wildest Place
Land of Love
Little Girl
Blue Moons of Saturn

Originals from Roots Is…
Up We Go
Black Rider
One Bright Day
She Can’t Be Satisfied
Shine On Me
Sweet Soul Music
Infinite Ocean
Carry On
Dream Upon a Misty Sea

Originals from Mango Man
The Right Track
Positive Resolution
Sweet Sensi
Soul Rockers
Going To the Sky
The Mystery

Covers- Jimi Hendrlx:
Foxy Lady Red House
Little Wing Killing Floor
Voodoo Chile Pali Gap
One Rainy Wish Third Stone from The Sun

Born Under a Bad Sign
Sunshine of Your Love
Tales of Great Ulysses

Robert Johnson
Dust My Broom

Otis Redding
Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

Natural Mystic Jammin’
Stir it Up Li