Monterey, California, USA

You get it all with Freesound!! tight top-of-the-line musicianship, vocals, harmonies, songwriting, lyrics, professional image, energetic performance and a close camaraderie. See and


Freesound is lighting the candle in an industry of musical darkness. Their unique and visionary original music is a reminder of what great bands & musicians like Ben Harper, Robert Randolph, & Red Hot Chili Peppers, strive to keep alive, a healthy dose of Funk, Soul, and Rock n' Roll carefully melded into a potent brew. They all went to school together so have been sharing musical interests and jamming for over a decade. This has created a tightness and brotherhood in their music that allows them to write, create and perform in a pure and natural way.

Keith Batlin, the lead vocalist of the group is able to mold his voice to Robert Plant, Bob Marley, or Al Green without straining and guitarist Adam Crowe blends styles of Hendrix, Clapton, and Page, with his own heart-giving approach.

The group’s dynamic songwriting and original music is rounded out by a great melting jam pot of sound including saxophone, stellar vocal harmonies, awesome percussion, and funky keys. This band is ready for whatever the universe brings.


Shine on Me

Written By: Crowe & Batlin

Sunshine came outside today
on the streets the children played
gone were all the clouds that hang
the sky was such a perfect shade

Let's go out to meet the day
before it's gone and it's too late
ride the wave before it breaks
onto the sand and fades away

Chorus : Shine on me and pour on me
and fall on me again
I'm waiting for the sun
because tomorrow never ends

Let's go take a holiday
ease your mind and drift away
sunbeams shine upon the lake
until the moon can find its way

Watermelon Lover

Written By: Crowe & Batlin

Trippin' on that funky spell you got me under
Slippin' into psychedelic worlds of color
like melons on the vine on the warmest day of summer
You're so juicy sweet, you're my watermelon lover

Watermelon lover you're a lover like no other
My mind was feelin' strange it really made me wonder
what was brewin' in the pot of this mystic voodoo mother
Every time I pick your fruit I have to have another
you're so juicy sweet you're my watermelon lover

Land of Love

Written By: Crowe & Batlin

Into a land we gazed so distantly
rainbows stretched across the sky as far as the eye could see
sunflowers all blowing in the breeze
hear the singing waterfall
and put your mind at ease

electric ladies there for everyone
shinin' in a land beneath the sun
inside a magic world of fantasy
everything's as real as it could be

come on ladies let me take you to the land of love
sparklin' lemon sunlight shines on us from up above
cotton candy clouds all fill the skies
c'mon now it's time to take a ride

Sweet Sensi

Written By: Crowe & batlin

Wake up feel the morning sunshine's rays
Light a spliff and give thanks & praise
I know that everything will be okay

Don't care what this man and that man says
The healing of the nations won't lead us astray
and no one has the right to take it away

Sweet sensi makes me feel irie
come what may we're gonna have a beautiful day

Sweet sensi is here to stay
ganja keeps the whole world smiling everyday


Freesound have released four LP albums since 2000.
Cosmic Sailors... psychedelic rock, blues
Roots Is... eclectic, rock, funk, psychedelic
Freesound... rock, funk, blues
Mango Man... roots, reggae
The Roots Is.. and Freesouind albums are available on I-Tunes and CD Baby.
They won a national award "Best song in category for 2007" for one of their songs on the Mango Man album.

Several of their songs get radio airplay in Honolulu HI.

Adam Crowe, songwriter has 50 songs with BMI including his first solo album "Who Knows" in 1999. In Oct. 2010 he is in progress recording his 6th album and also songwrites for the project .
Keith Batlin, co-songwriter of the 4 albums above, also songwrites for the project "Guidance" with co-writer Ryan Brandvold, bassist for Freesound. Together they have 5 songs on myspace.

Set List

Set List

Originals “The Cosmic Sailors”
Lonely Streets
Deep Water Blues
Who Do We Fool
Spoken True

Honey Babe Blues
Watermelon Lover
The Wildest Place
Land of Love
Little Girl
Blue Moons of Saturn

Roots Is…
Up We Go
Black Rider
One Bright Day
She Can’t Be Satisfied
Shine On Me
Sweet Soul Music
Infinite Ocean
Carry On
Dream Upon a Misty Sea

Mango Man
The Right Track
Positive Resolution
Sweet Sensi
Soul Rockers
Going To the Sky
The Mystery

Covers- Jimi Hendrlx:
Foxy Lady Red House
Little Wing Killing Floor
Voodoo Chile Pali Gap
One Rainy Wish Third Stone from The Sun

Born Under a Bad Sign
Sunshine of Your Love
Tales of Great Ulysses

Robert Johnson
Dust My Broom

Otis Redding
Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

Natural Mystic Jammin’
Stir it Up Lively Up Yourself
Kinky Reggae One Dro