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Monterey, California, United States | SELF

Monterey, California, United States | SELF
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"FreeSound's live performance was beyond words- the music "soared".
There was an energy, a spirit, a soul that permeated the air and had the audience absorbed in the vibe.
Many in the audience had been to the Russian River Blues festival and were quick to comment that this band gave out more soul and heart than many of the artists that performed that day at the festival". - Adam Palumbo, Pres. of Dulce Records

They are heavily influenced by the Psychedelic jamming of the 1960s, which, to them, was a period of peace, love, good vibes, people in motion, and experimentation. They believe they're "preserving that culture, building on that energy." FreeSound's message is one of rebirth, and they are looking for like-minded individuals who want to become involved. They see a lot of good energy in the world, but it's scattered, and they want to help draw it together.

"FreeSound played on. The audience wanted more and the band happily complied. By the end of their 10 encores the sky was dark, with a half-moon silhouetting trees high on the ridge.
Lead guitarist Adam Crowe believes in giving back to the Earth by sharing love and knowledge through music, & art. He says "No one person or thing can save the world but music can help us save ourselves from the world." - Russian River Monthly review

"The folks in reggae/rock band FreeSound are making quite a name for themselves locally. Diana Ballantyne, manager of Big Sur's Fernwood Bar, says that she let the group play on the roadhouse's back deck a few months ago. She says the band exceeded everyone's expectations by playing a jaw-dropping seven-hour set of tight reggae and rock numbers. Apparently, the crowd would not let the guys leave and cars passing by on Highway 1 swerved into Fernwood's parking lot after catching a whiff of FreeSound's music."

Stuart Thornton - Monterey County Weekly


Freesound have released four LP albums since 2000.
Cosmic Sailors... psychedelic rock, blues
Roots Is... eclectic, rock, funk, psychedelic
Freesound... rock, funk, blues
Mango Man... roots, reggae
The Roots Is.. and Freesouind albums are available on I-Tunes and CD Baby.
They won a national award "Best song in category for 2007" for one of their songs on the Mango Man album.

Several of their songs get radio airplay in Honolulu HI.

Adam Crowe, songwriter has 50 songs with BMI including his first solo album "Who Knows" in 1999. In Oct. 2010 he is in progress recording his 6th album and also songwrites for the project .
Keith Batlin, co-songwriter of the 4 albums above, also songwrites for the project "Guidance" with co-writer Ryan Brandvold, bassist for Freesound. Together they have 5 songs on myspace.



Freesound is lighting the candle in an industry of musical darkness. Their unique and visionary original music is a reminder of what great bands & musicians like Ben Harper, Robert Randolph, & Red Hot Chili Peppers, strive to keep alive, a healthy dose of Funk, Soul, and Rock n' Roll carefully melded into a potent brew. They all went to school together so have been sharing musical interests and jamming for over a decade. This has created a tightness and brotherhood in their music that allows them to write, create and perform in a pure and natural way.

Keith Batlin, the lead vocalist of the group is able to mold his voice to Robert Plant, Bob Marley, or Al Green without straining and guitarist Adam Crowe blends styles of Hendrix, Clapton, and Page, with his own heart-giving approach.

The group’s dynamic songwriting and original music is rounded out by a great melting jam pot of sound including saxophone, stellar vocal harmonies, awesome percussion, and funky keys. This band is ready for whatever the universe brings.