Free Ticket

Free Ticket


Loud sound textures, dirty guitar riffs, and melodies from the throats of four college kids who live for music. And mixed with a little ambience. If you want, we will rock your socks off.


Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Black Angels, and The 13th Floor Elevators. Other bands who inspire us personally to just make music are Animal Collective, Jaco Pastorius, The Mountain Goats, Deerhunter, and Neutral Milk Hotel


Beat, American Heart.

Written By: Free Ticket

Dreams, Dreams, can we cherish these?
Dreams, Dreams, can we change things?
Idle souls walk the earth with there heads down.
Idle souls wasting time looking for luck.
Where can we find ourselves?
Where do we find ourselves?


Eyes EP (Four Songs, 15 Minutes)
Sirens (12 Songs, 1 Hour)
WUOG (UGA College Radio, 90.5fm)

Set List

The set list changes every show. The songs we typically work from are Departing A Beating. Oh, Great Conifer. Jottersbar. Silence. Parts 1,2,&3. Dig In!. Start Talking. Colors. Beat, American Heart. Final Thoughts. and Devil-May-Care. Our sets are typically 45 minutes. We have more than on hours worth to work with for each set.