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This is one of the biggest surprises from 2007, I never heard from Freevil until now. The new Promo CD contains 3 songs and a very good production and all the three songs are very good, I can listen to them over and over again and I can’t wait to hear the full CD. Freevil plays melodic Death/Black Metal with some influences from Dimmu Borgir but they have their own style. I can’t name another band that plays the same kind of metal. I really loved the vocals it reminds me of December Moon. What can I say more about this promo go check it out! And to all labels give them a contract they Rule!!!
Score: 9 / 10 - Metal Links & Interviews

Arising from the ashes of Swedish thrash band Denata (Tomas Andersson, guitars and backing vocals and Roger Blomberg, bass), and roping in the drumming and vocal talents of Mique Flesh (ex-Witchery/Seance), unsigned band Freevil released to the media a 3 song sampler of their debut album FREEVIL BURNING (this is not a demo, it is a mixed and ready for production sampler).

I haven’t heard any Denata before, but the similarities to Witchery are slight but undeniable. They have the straight thrash approach, but Freevil take it a step further. They have a very evil sounding vocal style, demonic, somewhere between the horror-show shriek of King Diamond and the abrasiveness of Alexi Laiho. They also incorporate a lot of synth into their music, to create that horror movie/Hammer film like atmosphere. I do feel that the synth is slightly overused, it tends to drown out and override the guitars just when you want the guitars to be right in your face. Also, the intros and outros are pretty cheesy, Frankenstein/Dracula movie score type cheesy.

However, within the song, when used properly, the keyboards create a dissonant uncomfortable effect that clashes nicely with the melody lines on the guitars, which goes well with the shrieked vocals and sinister bass. The guitar-work is strong if slightly cliched thrash riffing, and the guitar and bass tone are monster (when not drowned out by the keyboards). The drumming is very well done as well, the double kicking on ‘Killing Spree’ especially. I notice that there is a lack of guitar solos, which is a good or bad thing depending on what you like. The breaks, interludes and bridges in the songs compensate for the lack of solos, and keeps things interesting, and they have more than enough quality in the riff changes and almost prog-like mood switches to hold your attention.

Bearing in mind that this is only a 3 song teaser, I’d watch out for this band if I were you. Their new album is mixed and ready, and now they await a contract with a label to promote the album. It would be a shame to let such quality remain unsigned. Look out for an interview with them on Metal-Rules in the near future, in the meantime check out their Myspace page if you want to see what Freevil are about. - - Streetblast Radio


Why are we here? We are still looking for a label to release our final album and this far we have only just received offers that are insane in one way or another. We want someone that will do a good work and not just another release in their roaster! Freevil is here to dominate!

Ready to send for manufacturing, mastered with complete cover art. Are you the right label to handle Freevil? Then get in touch!


Feeling a bit camera shy


Risen from the ashes of thrash metal act Denata, Tomas Andersson and Roger Blomberg teams up with Mique Flesh (ex. Witchery/Seance) and invokes new musical spirits summoned in hell’s fire. The idea and hunger for a new project soon formed into what now has been unleashed as Freevil. The idea was to create something diverging from their natural influences and create something new and unexpected. Just going with riffs that felt good – not caring to much where on the metal brutality Richter scale they fitted – as long as they ROCKED in the widest but still deepest sense of the word.

After some intense rehearsal sessions of blood, sweat and fears – ten songs were formed and recorded in the cultural asylum known as Studio HellSmell, where Mique entered the throne as studio engineer.
With a hellish troika of Tomas (guitar/addition vocals), Mique (drums and vocals) and Roger (bass armageddon) their first opus was eternalized/infernalized in 2006/2007. And a fourth character was also brought in to do some additional synths and FX; the spirit of composer Phanatos was also added to heat things up even more - in this tasteful witches brew of raw yet sophisticated timeless metal bearing the sign of Freevil.

After completion of the recording sessions, and detailed mixing early 2007, the material was mastered by Peter In de Betou (Dimmu Borgir, Marduk, Dark Funeral etc) and the material was brought up the last notch of hell’s circles, to be unleashed in this demented world known as Earth.

So prepare yourself for some straightjacket fun, some mindblowing sophisticated yet raw – raw yet sophisticated in your face metal that will charm or haunt you…or maybe both!