Chicago, Illinois, USA

FreezeDried is a rockin' band from Chicago that brings push-style polkas to the polka and non-polka fan. Many fans do not even realize they are listening to polka music when the hear FreezeDried. Recently, they added a female vocal trio which broadens their musical diversity.


FreezeDried is polka band from Chicago that brings Polish push-style polkas to the polka and non-polka fan. They are known throughout the field to be on the cutting edge of polka music. FreezeDried mixes polkas with other music styles such as latin music, zydeco, gospel music, dixieland music and rock music. Their efforts have been inspiring other traditional polka bands to be more creative in their approach to new material, musical arrangements and showmanship. FreezeDried did not stop at their quest for musical diversity. In 2006, FreezeDried continued to progress in the vocal area by adding a female vocal trio. Affectionately known as "The Icicles", the singers bring flavors of motown and soul to the FreezeDried sound.


DegenerationGap 2009
Fear of Rubber Cushions 2006
Deliberate Confusion 2003
Artistically Challenged 2000
The song "Pay My Money Down" was released on a compilation CD for the Old Town School of Folk Music in Fall 2007.

Set List

FreezeDried's broad range offers you common polka songs or cover tunes.

Pop covers include:
Bertha - for all you Dead Heads
Volcano - a Parrot Head favorite
Call Me The Breeze - Lynard Skynard
Hell - Squirrel Nut Zippers

Polka standards:
Roll Out The Barrel

Ain't No Turnin' Back
Ordinary Joe
After Hours
Reggae Dancin'

Set times vary from 30 minutes to and hour depending on the venue. Songs per set run about 7 to 10.