Free Zone is an amalgam of performers from diverse backgrounds, locations, and musical interests -- brought together by a love to make beach party reggae dance music with a message. Based in Milwaukee/Chicago.


Freezone started in a rented house on 21st and Wells. The house is no longer there - - but the memories are strong, spinning original vinyls of inspirations named Toots, Tosh, Cliff, Dekker, Burning Spear, and of course, Bob Marley. The Freezone struck a nerve throughout the neighborhood, and became busy with local gigs, block parties, and festivals. The mood of a Freezone show is decidedly upbeat for some reggae dancing, with a solid groove for those who prefer to bop their heads and listen. The set list has also evolved to include some jazz and funk to round it all out.
Ultimately the members of the Freezone followed their individual muses and dispersed across the globe, but they now perform annual reunion shows at festivals and clubs each summer in the Milwaukee and Chicago area. Expect them to return for some big fun July 23-26, 2009!


EP Release,
The Freezone: Live at Bradford Beach
Smiling Pig Records, 2009

Video sample:

Set List

Sample Set List:
Know Me Good
Got To Feel
Rat Race
Stop That Train
Lively Up Yourself
Marcus Garvey Dub
Harder They Come
Roots Rock Reggae
Gold And Silver
Koo Koo
Get Up Stand Up
Fire Eater
Funky Kingston
Kinky Reggae
Pass The Peas
Them Belly Full
Feel So Good
Trenchtown Rock
Rally Round The Flag
Dr. Lester
Feel Alright Now
Keep On Moving
Pressure Drop
Natural Mystic
War / No More Trouble