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Freighter - Freighter (2008)



Long, long ago, (not long ago-circa 2006) in the distant land of Madison, Wisconsin, three men of substance with a single vision took it upon themselves to forge some rock & roll on the heavy metal anvil. And being men, and having the needs of men (yet the distinct aftertaste of boy) they wanted it hard, mean, and frighteningly angular. Like, enough to make your adopted children weep when they retrospectively are forced to watch how you lost your ability to father young-uns.
It all began after guitarist / vocalist Travis Andrews and bassist Jason Braatz awkwardly bumbled out of a 15-passenger van some two years ago, and spotted a large ship offshore of Lake Superior. There is no doubt that it contained crates of peas or stowaways or something else super awesome and heavy, as it was destined to become the namesake of their band Freighter. After this fortuitous and platonically life altering sighting of the cargo liner, the two asked themselves “Which drummer may be capable of emulating, nay, harnessing the sound of the Freighter?” The logical and only real choice was Jamie Ryan… we’re talking about a guy who routinely wears Iron Maiden shirts on jazz gigs, so the decision was no less than perfect. Any-who, the sonic sword fight commenced shortly thereafter.
The triumvirate is now poised arms-akimbo with the January 2008 release of their first full-length and self-titled album, recorded with Mark Whitcomb at DNA Studios. Freighter has packed a cooler full of peanut butter sandwiches for the long road ahead. They are thrilled to bring you eight ADD rock and roll anthems for the ages, sure to thoroughly excite and confound.