Psychedelic rock, indie sensibility, improvization without endless soloing, jazz tinged, hard rocking, dance or chill out music that IS SOMETHING ORIGINAL.


FreightTrain songs are rooted in the psychedelic rock of yore, but are not a 60s revival band by any means. The sound is new, fresh and original, with influences of Pink Floyd and Neil Young, actually just influencing and not defining the bands sound.

Formed in 2002, FreightTrain was created by Leo, Adam and Mike as an outlet to play the blues rock they had so enjoyed growing up - no frills, just good old fashioned stuff in the vein of early Led Zeppelin or The Allman Brothers. They called it "The People's Music" and picked the name FreightTrain because of its ubiquitous presence in the lore of blues and americana . As Garrett and Ishii joined the band from Berklee School of Music in Boston, the sound has evolved; becoming decidedly more bold and experimental. With this evolution the band has seen its audience grow, and become the favorite band of many - music afficianados and musicians!. People who play music, who live and die music and who love music seem to love FreightTrain.

FreightTrain continued to be an apt name as the band hit the road, playing over 200 shows in the three years since their inception, from Maine to Washington D.C., including The Knitting Factory and Tribeca Rock in NYC; Harpers Ferry and The Middle East Downstairs in Boston, as well as a number of outdoor festivals, playing before crowds of 5 to 5,000. The live show is a high energy wave of a ride.

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ps. -Some of FreightTrain's songs may qualify as actual art and some may be longer than 3 minutes. For this reason they may be to be too big to post here. We recommend a freer site to immediately stream our music:

Press for The Great Space Coaster:

"A musical kaleidoscope, FreightTrain shift from psychedelic passages ala Aloha to breezy Galactic-esque soul, never losing their charm or compromising their ability to make hips shake..."
-Shut Eye Records

“Songs range from meaty rock to gritty blues to hard-driving jazz to the occasional foray into reggae/ska, and many points in between. One part Allman Brothers, one part Cream, one part Sublime, one part Pink Floyd, and many parts utterly unique…With delightfully catchy songs, intoxicating grooves, inventive melodies, and incredibly well synchronized jams.."
-Rivier College Review (campus paper)

"Each track is a journey through open-ended celestial jams and underwater-sounding interludes…"
- The Boston Phoenix

"Funky, jazzy and spacey....The musicianship is first-rate…"
- The Noise (Boston)


The Great Space Coaster (Reverse Feed) - 2004

Set List

Sample Song Titles (from upcoming release)

Helps Identify Things (Original)
Zoink! (Original)
The Apollo Program (Original)
Lady Blue (Original)

Sample Covers:
Suffragette City (David Bowie)
Empty Spaces>Young Lust (Pink Floyd)
Dear Prudence (The Beatles)
One Step Beyond (The Madness)

Typical: 85% originals, 15% covers
Typical Set Times: range from 30mins-4hours