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French Music Export Office @ Opera

Anvers, Not Applicable, Belgium

Anvers, Not Applicable, Belgium

French Music Export Office @ Kaai Theatre

Brussels, Not Applicable, Belgium

Brussels, Not Applicable, Belgium

French Music Export Office @ Levitt Pavillion

Pasadena, California, USA

Pasadena, California, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


Village Voice: ‘Vitalic’s 2001 cult classic Poney EP became the equivalent of carrying around a defibrillator in a record bag, any lifeless set could instantly be brought back from the dead with it. (…) Listening to it (OK Cowboy) from start to finish is so bracing it’s overwhelming, it sounds like what it would feel like to drink six cups of black coffee.’

Vice: ‘OK Cowboy is the best rock / disco / pop / folk / techno album of the last five years, a 50 minute sheer pleasure rush’

Spin: 'If Willy onka hosted a game show, the Vitalic single "Polkamatic" could be the theme song'

Remix: 'The overall set is banging and unrelenting - an instant classic from start to finish'

The Guardian: rated 4 stars

Wire: ‘Absolutely enormous’

NME: ‘He is the master (…) Adored by everyone from Aphex Twin, to Bjork to Daft Punk’

The Observer: ‘Effortlessly outclassing the latest record by Daft Punk (…) OK Cowboy is easily the most important dance album that will be released this year’

Uncut: ‘That seriously impresses’

Telegraph: ‘Ok Cowboy sounds like nothing else’

Update: ‘One of the most exciting techno albums of all times’

BBC: ‘Ok Cowboy is vibrant, visceral and vital in a way that Daft Punk and other established dancefloor luminaries can no longer manage’
- Village Voice/Vice/Spin/Remix...

Jive Magazine: 'A gorgeously dancey album full of energy and variety that is the Mistressy signature. You can't listen to ‘Come With Me…’ and sit still. You'll be more than mesmerized by the fun techno infusion.'

Musicomania: 'For a techno/house album of great quality, this new CD by Misstress Barbara has to be strongly considered before many other ones.'

Montreal Mirror: 'Barbara throws another curveball at her fans with a deeper, fuller, rounder and dare I say more mature techno sound that hints at electro and micro-house.'

Internet DJ: 'this is Misstress Barbara at her best' - Jive Magazine/Musicomania/...

Vice: 'A fantastic debut from one of the most talented DJ groups around'

XLR8R: ‘The Quartet reconfigures beautiful, pastoral music snippets into the realm of turntablism. Yet they’re still awesome beat jugglers’

- Jive/XLR8R/...

Toronto Eye Weekly: 'At times noJazz can be as slick and sexy as Gilles Peterson's mix sets, as chilled and elegant as Bob James' Touchdown-era smooth-jazz or as provocative and intriguing as Miles Davis' '80s high points'

Jazz Break: 'an uncommon energy and a desire to party, without worrying about being classified jazz or NoJazz for these "robots" musicians from another planet.'

Guardian Unlimited: 'a knowingly made album - slick and funky'

- Toronto Eye Weekly/Guardian Unlimited/...

The Hub: 'Here, Cam’s trip-hop gets flip flopped as downtempo and hip-hop remixing luminaries alike pay homage to one of the DJ world’s heavy hitters by putting their signatures on some of his best tracks. Two strikingly different versions of “Success” emerge from Kenny Dope, who lets the soulful vocals ride bareback, and Thievery Corporation, who eliminate them altogether in favor of a blunted Moroccan lullaby. Add to that contributions from knob twisters like DJ Vadim, Kid Loco and J Dilla (whose crackle-and-pop take on “Love Junkee feat. Cameo,” acts as the ultimate aphrodisiac), and Cam’s peers do a fine job of tipping their hats… and not a moment too soon.'

Prefix Mag: 'Cam's musical vision, a blend of smooth jazz–inflected down-tempo grooves in direct mixture with hip-hop's harder edges - which sees his early work at least on par with the likes of DJ Krush and Shadow - makes for variety enough'

PopMatters: 'DJ Cam achieves every goal of the successful DJ record itinerary'

EarPlug: 'An essential accelerant on the international "blunted" hip-hop scene alongside North America's Shadow and Japan's Krush' - The Hub/ Prefix Mag/...


Vitalic - OK Cowboy - UWE
Misstress Barbara - Come With Me... - UWE
Birdy Nam Nam - Birdy Nam Nam - UWE
DJ Cam - Revisited By - Recall
noJazz - Have Fun - WEA
Nano - L'autre côté du vent - Label Bleu


Feeling a bit camera shy


VITALIC: With his debut four-song ‘Poney EP’, Vitalic tore through dancefloors across the world like the Wagner of rave. Four years later, Vitalic is back with his debut album, "OK Cowboy", that blends innovation with emotion, power with poise.

MISSTRESS BARBARA: The queen of "Drummy Funky Pumpin' Techno" (that's how she used to define her style) is playing a groovy techy, minimal and electro funk filled sound, constantly pushing her own limits to evolve with the music she hears and appreciates.

BIRDY NAM NAM: This group of four turntables experts rap obscure jazz records, select the right loop, the good breakbeat, which they percfectly assemble to give birth to a music with no identifiable format.

DJ CAM: Turntables wizard DJ Cam has been French hip-hop’s reference point for the last 10 years, as well as one of the international representatives for abstract hip-hop and trip-hop.

NOJAZZ: In the top echelon of music and bands now in France, there's Paris' own ‘noJazz’. If there is a concept behind noJazz, it is very simple: to mix the original celebratory spirit in jazz with hypnotic rhythms and contemporary sounds. Their explosive live show has already traveled worldwide, dazzling audiences and convincing people of the power of their music.

NANO: Arnaud Methivier is one of the most gifted French accordionists. He has played and toured with famous artists such as Kent, Boy George and Suzanne Vega. He now composes his own songs with the help of an accordion and a cajon. On stage, he proposes an uninterrupted and fully impovised trip, leaving the audience breathless as the last note from his accordion slowly fades away in the air.

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