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VITALIC: With his debut four-song ‘Poney EP’, Vitalic tore through dancefloors across the world like the Wagner of rave. Four years later, Vitalic is back with his debut album, "OK Cowboy", that blends innovation with emotion, power with poise.

MISSTRESS BARBARA: The queen of "Drummy Funky Pumpin' Techno" (that's how she used to define her style) is playing a groovy techy, minimal and electro funk filled sound, constantly pushing her own limits to evolve with the music she hears and appreciates.

BIRDY NAM NAM: This group of four turntables experts rap obscure jazz records, select the right loop, the good breakbeat, which they percfectly assemble to give birth to a music with no identifiable format.

DJ CAM: Turntables wizard DJ Cam has been French hip-hop’s reference point for the last 10 years, as well as one of the international representatives for abstract hip-hop and trip-hop.

NOJAZZ: In the top echelon of music and bands now in France, there's Paris' own ‘noJazz’. If there is a concept behind noJazz, it is very simple: to mix the original celebratory spirit in jazz with hypnotic rhythms and contemporary sounds. Their explosive live show has already traveled worldwide, dazzling audiences and convincing people of the power of their music.

NANO: Arnaud Methivier is one of the most gifted French accordionists. He has played and toured with famous artists such as Kent, Boy George and Suzanne Vega. He now composes his own songs with the help of an accordion and a cajon. On stage, he proposes an uninterrupted and fully impovised trip, leaving the audience breathless as the last note from his accordion slowly fades away in the air.

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Vitalic - OK Cowboy - UWE
Misstress Barbara - Come With Me... - UWE
Birdy Nam Nam - Birdy Nam Nam - UWE
DJ Cam - Revisited By - Recall
noJazz - Have Fun - WEA
Nano - L'autre côté du vent - Label Bleu

Set List


Do you know Vitalic? Already many do. To those who love his music, his unique sound, he's the pleasure provider: the ultimate rush, the greatest high, the invincible metal disco warrior. With his debut four-song 'Poney EP', first released in late 2001, Vitalic tore through dancefloors across the world like the Wagner of rave. An original and fearless new talent, it was clear from the start that Pascal Arbez, the Frenchman behind Vitalic, was not just another dance producer, but a visionary artist whose extraordinary music never fails to move you.

Now he's ready to release his long-awaited debut album, 'OK Cowboy'. To say it's a major record for electronic music would be an understatement. The tens of thousands gleefully seduced by 'La Rock 01' and 'You Prefer Cocaine' and the two 'Poney's - together, the finest techno EP of the 21st century - have waited patiently for 'OK Cowboy'. Pascal modestly describes the album as a mix of "dance music, experimental, o