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"A little beauty"

British bands playing country music are always going to be on dangerous ground but there's something about the kitchen sink nature of lead track 'Nothing Else Applies' which comes together to make a cool little pop song ... a little beauty and well worth a place on any discerning punter's ipod.
- Tasty Fanzine

"George Harrison / Travelling Wilburys"

Probably the most striking aspect of French Possession, and one that separates them from their peers, is lead singer Steve Jones’ resemblance to the late George Harrison is undeniable. Heck, with its sweet jangling guitars and warm harmonies, “Nothing Else Applies” could’ve been a Traveling Wilburys single, and “The Courtneys of Ballantry” has enough beautifully harmonic vocals to fill a couple of Beatles records.

“Ginny,” though, shifts the direction completely. It’s a delicious female-male duet with a trip-hop drum pattern. Lovely.
- Twang Town

"A true voice for this generation"

Nothing Else Applies reminds me of the sounds of Don Henley, who I happen to love. There is a story to tell and you know it is going to be an epic. Creative and appealing to everyone, this song’s sinking sleek instruments move this story along from beginning to end. This song proves that French Possession is a tight group of individuals who will be a true voice for this generation and the ones to come.

The Courtney of Ballantry strikes an emotionally rich chord that brings about flooding memories of perfect summer days wasting away and playing on playgrounds, woods and streams that are now overcome with pollution, trash, and toxic waste. It is sad and depressing to see what we as humans have done to our once treasured playgrounds of Eden . This song encapsulates these things. Overall, I find this tune to be strong and boisterous in emotion with its bluntness and honesty. The simplistic style and lyrics make it a song for the masses.

Bringing forth a new voice, Ginny contains a brighter sound that emerges quickly. I like the funky, classy swing of the melody. The classic piano, which has been the forefront of the band, along with the voices, make this song sound more like old-school soul that could be found in a New York jazz club. The variety of other instruments seals the deal going into the second verse. Again, nice harmonies all around provide a stage for the sultry lead female’s voice that is hard to forget. - The Unsigned Review

"A unique talent is displayed"

"Frail beauty" by French Possession is a lush sounding song with a great vocal track and pleasing melodies throughout ... A bit of Beatles-esque feel coupled perhaps with Flaming Lips. A unique talent is displayed.
(Four stars) - Olivier Meissner, President FlightSafe Music

"Rare talent"

French Possession are dealing in fragile, melodic, borderline arty songs ... which inevitably have a memorable hook - a rare talent and one to be commended. A highly commendable debut.
- Zeitgeist e-zine, Edinburgh - Celebrating all that is good in music and culture.

"Undeniable musical artistry."

Hear the Paul Simon school of subtlety, importance, and melody. One of the finest CDs we've heard this year. Undeniable musical artistry. - Don Kimenker, founder

"A truly classic song"

... my favourite song on the CD has to be 'Controlled emotion': a sparse and beautiful meditation on the quiet destruction relationships suffer when one party is rendered emotionally and psychologically impotent ('My problem is full-blown') by the apparent indifference of the other: 'The way you won't cry though love has died'. I can easily imagine this song being performed by any number of artists from Keane to Kylie, Tony Bennett to Tori Amos. The sign of a truly classic song.
- James L Orwin, The Philip Larkin Society


Album: 'Foil for a girl in a posh frock' - for sale on CD Baby, iTunes, earBuzz, Rhapsody, etc ... check it out at
Single: 'Triple A' - released June/July 2007
Single: 'What does Christmas do?' - released Dec 3 2007 and re-released December 2008
Single: 'Archie Saves the World' to be released October 2009
Album: 'Forgetting to breathe' to be released March 2010



French Possession are gathering momentum: first came their impressive debut album ’Foil for a girl in a posh frock’ in 2006; then their first single ’Triple A’, followed by their successful attempt at Christmas cheese with ’What does Christmas do?’

Now, though, is the time for a gear change. Studio work has commenced on their second album 'Forgetting to breathe'and it’s sounding just that bit sharper and cleverer than their previous work. There are no fillers here; and no overriding ’retro’ feel. There are occasional nods to another era, but in a more refined, timeless way.

Elsewhere there is a more current, down to earth acknowledgement that there’s a real world out there and it ain’t so pretty. All in all it’s a mix of everywhere you’ve been - good places and bad. It’s the best French Possession can do ... and it might not be good enough. But we think it is.