There is something about the muscular rhythms mixed with the new wave punk leanings of Frenetics that make them a formidable prospect. An almighty crash of charging guitars, powerful drums and swaggering hooks entwine with chaotic angular riffs and vocals that simmer with a twisted romanticism.


(1) frantic; fanatic.
(2) having extreme enthusiasm or energy
(3) fast and energetic in a rather wild and uncontrolled way.
(4) formerly stressed.
Just over 6 months ago, Frenetics’ members retreated to the remote and beautiful countryside scenery of Britain’s Cornish coast. They had become jaded by the backbiting intensity of 4 years in the music industry trying to make it and bored to hell of working with commercially minded management in various different bands. It was time to trash the rule book.They decided to forget modern pop culture and re-acquaint themselves with the blues tinted rock and roll of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. This was achieved in a relaxed environment. All 4 lay on beaches in the sun and smoked regularly for inspiration.
The result is a big and powerful sound rooted in the loud, distorted guitar work of new recruit Alex. Since their return to the city from that self-imposed exile, it has developed to become noisier, more aggressive and more complex. The band paint textured soundscapes across the listener’s aural pallet with walls of shimmering feedback and squealing effects pedals, all the while maintaining healthy respect for the good old honest art of song-writing. Lyrically, each track acts as a story-telling medium; singer Gavin weaving poetic verse around the inviting riffs and dark, rumbling rhythmic underbelly of his fellow musicians.
It’s an uncompromising assault on the senses delivered by a gang of angry young English boys. They very much hope you enjoy it…
I will look forward to hearing from you.


The Broken Hand EP (Out 11th June 2012) - Self Released.