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by Christina Kababik

The periodic function of great melody driven rock shows, repeated in the same energy powered stage presence, is this band's signature. Hailing from Flint, Michigan, Frequency 54 is a local band with a big arena sound. Their new CD release, Beginnings, Saturday June 30th, during their 7 pm performance at The Machine Shop in Flint. This offers a great opportunity to see this phenomenal band in action.

Commanding the stage at their CD release concert will be Frequency 54's front man, Justin Rose. Jamie Bothwell will be weaving around the stage with his wild guitar solos. Jeremy Rose will pound his bass, as Matt Adams (now Shane Douglas) fills in the guitar riffs. Bringing up the rear under the Machine Shop logo will be Tony Hernandez on drums.

For the last five years, creating and feeding Frequency 54 has been a great passion for all of these musicians. They do, however, have day jobs and families. This band is their creative outlet. Some people collect stamps or go fishing, but these guys rock the house. "Creativity is fun. When you have it you want to express it. There is not a better feeling in the world than when you look out over a crowd of hundreds of people and see them all singing to your music. It means you have touched them somehow. It's the greatest compliment any artist can receive," stated lead vocalist Justin Rose.

If you like your music raw with sides of metal, party rock, ballads and straight up rock and roll, or music topped with a touch of easy listening, Frequency 54 is your band. They play music for fans with similar tastes to theirs, as explained in the following quote from band members. "We write what we feel. We do this for us and everyone that feels the same way we do. We kind of have the attitude that if you don't like us, we don't care; at least we are being true to our selves and not selling out." Strong words from a strong band.

Wide arrays of influences were pulled together into the band's latest CD, Beginnings. Every member has their own unique style which creates a melting pot of sound. Music category doesn't matter; they melt influences together from classic rock to hip hop. They have tried to put every sound that has touched them into their music. If you liked their first two albums, 54 cent freq show and What's Inside, then you'll like everything on their new CD Beginnings. Their music, including their new CD, can be purchased at

Having a good manager is important to any band's success and Frequency 54 is no different. The group's manager, Andy Hernandez, has been the backbone of this band according to the members. They say they would be nowhere without him. He fought for the rights to record the popular hit Wicked Game, previously released by Chris Issac and HIM. This release has had overwhelming response due to Justin's unique approach to the vocals.

Frequency 54 has caught my attention and has many fans across Michigan listening to their frequency. They have been reviewed in the Flint Journal several times and you can hear their music on Banana 101.5 or WRIF 101.1. If you like entertainment that resembles a freight train driving through a nitro glycerin plant, come join Frequency 54 at their CD release party of Beginnings on June 30 at The Machine Shop in Flint. This show is for 18 and over fans. The show doors open at 7 pm. $ 7.00 gets you in and the bands new CD.

- Review Magazine


54 Cent Freq Show (full album) released in 2002.

What's Inside (full album) released in 2004.

Beginnings (full album) released in 2007. This album was complete with album release party/show.

Acoustic EP - Will be recorded live on April 12th with a live audience of 50.

Currently Frequency 54 is back in the studio finishing up a 4 track EP for their first tour. "Last Call" the bands latest single produced by Chuck Alkazian is becoming a favorite on airwaves across Michigan.

Frequency 54's tracks are played on local radio rotation. The two main stations are the WRIF and Flint's own Banana 101.



Frequency 54 added 2008 as a very impressive year. Adding a even more national acts to the list they have opened for. As well as catching the ears of some promotional reps from various labels. The year before saw them opening for over 40 national acts and releasing their 3rd album at a sold out release party.

The success of the CD release show gave Frequency 54 the opportunity to open for national recording artists. That list includes Default, Alter Bridge, Hinder, Silvertide, Submersed, Shinedown, Seether, Warrant to name a few.

To add to their many accomplishments, they were the first band to play The Hard Rock Cafe (Detroit). They also frequent the Machine Shop in Flint, MI as headliners. Frequency 54's talent is not limited to Michigan, they have traveled as far as Las Vegas. Where they were invited to open for Great White in 2002.

Frequency 54 went into the studio & recorded their first live acoustic album. Though they do not frequently perform acoustic sets, they felt this was something to be accomplished. The acoustic release proved to be a success among fans and gained new fans due to the chill feel of the EP.

Frequency 54 is now in the studio recording 3 new tracks, which will showcase the bands growth over the last 2 years. Off to a great start, the new single "Last Call" was released to radio and is becoming a catchy favorite.