Frequency Below

Frequency Below


Think vocals like Beth Gibbons, music like Medeski, Martin and Wood, and songs like a journal entry speaking with conviction about love, heartache and bittersweet life experiences.


This band has been writing and performing honest music for the past three years. With a strong interest in songwriting, the group has excelled in the field with charismatic live performances and relatable material. Geared to complete their second full-length independant release, Frequency Below is sure to continue their ascent through Chicago's well rounded and musically diverse local scene.

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(a word about the individual members)

Caroline (vocals):
Coming from a family of singers, music has been a part of Caroline Yohanan’s life since birth. Caroline writes all of her own vocal lines and lyrics, except when performing the poetics of another band member. She sings resonant melodies, pairs with Armando to create harmonies, and loves to incorporate jazz scat lines. Engaging in everything from funk and hip-hop to rock n’ roll, Caroline relishes in Frequency Below’s improvisational skills and musical diversity.

Armando (guitar):
Both acoustic and electric. He often joins Caroline on vocals, creating rich and compelling harmonies. Armando's playing blends jazz, funk, rock, and trip-hop. Proficient in composition, he creates and arranges much of the band's music. Recording, engineering, and production are managed by his experience in the studio.

Ryan (double bass):
He began his musical training by playing trombone and double bass in his grade school band and orchestra. He is currently the principal bass player for the Classical Symphony Orchestra in Chicago. Ryan’s musical capacity includes piano, violin, cello, melodica.

Dan (drums):
Having studied jazz and modern drumming techniques in New Orleans, Dan is a proficient musician and composer. His unique approach to the drums is evident in the rythmatic execution and creative directon. His aim is to make the funkiest dancable live experience possible.


"Foundation" is the debut album FB.

We are currently recording our second disc and playing new material at shows.

Foundation is the available at: and CD Baby!

Set List

Chula's Dream>Just Say My Name
Shorty Rock
Fool Me Once
Heartbroken Happiness
Brush and Canvas
Oh My Brother
Shades of Green
On and On

Set list's vary from show to show. The band plays each show with the audience in mind. A typical set is 45 minutes to an hour.