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Nashville, TN | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

Nashville, TN | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"Jitsu Gaiden - Irish Springs"

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Jitsu Gaiden
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Murfreesboro, TN
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Hip Hop/Rap
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Irish Springs
“Jitsu Gaiden” Dave first ventured into rapping at the age of 10, drawing inspiration of creativity from Michael Jackson. Uniquely Jitsu means Technique and Gaiden means story, so he tells his story through the technique of his music. It wasn’t until his freshman year of college nearly a decade later that he fell back in love with the craft He first started producing which insight rekindled that burning passion for creating his own music and the rest is history. His influence of style comes from rap pioneer Juicy J and Taylor Gang’s own Wiz Khalifa. Jitsu wants to inspire others to make their dreams a reality.
He pledged Omega Psi Phi Spring 2014 and will be releasing his new EP late August entitled Doped Owt. Be on the lookout for what this creative lyrical monster has in store for the game.

“If you ain’t terrified of your dreams, you not dreaming big enough” -Jitsu

What Inspired You To Make This Song? The turntlife lifestyle, being with my homies and getting hype in the club with the squad.
Tell Us About The Project My EP titled “DopedOWT”. Releasing early 2016 or late 2015. Is and explosive project with 11 tracks, 3 features, and a bonus track. Such artist as: Tra Norwoord, Evan Dupri, Dub-T and JohnnyboiWonder featured on this project. Also featuring producers: Savillion beats, Beeks Vybe, and Jitsu Gaiden on the Track. I wanted this Ep to be nothing but hits and i wanted this project to be able to appeal to all types of listeners on a global vision!
Who Are Your Musical Influences?
Micheal Jackson, Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa
What Are Your Goals in the music industry? To make an impact in the industry. I want to be a new up and coming talent and reach great levels with my music.
What can we expect from you in the future? You can expect a lot of accomplishments and great performances from me in my career! - Indie Speaks


“If you ain’t terrified of your dreams, you not dreaming big enough.”
Quotes to live by from up and coming rapper, Jitsu Gaiden. After pledging Omega Psi Phi in Spring 2014, Gaiden – whose real name is Jermaine Dave – started making his music a priority. And this Summer, he will be releasing a new album, “Doped OWT.”

Today, he liberates a new single titled, “Rolling Stone” as a preview. The single is actually a cut off his forthcoming project and is produced by Beeks Vybe. - MariaMyraine

"Jitsu Gaiden Releases New Single “Rolling Stone”"

When you have an artist name as cool as Jitsu Gaiden, you better have the music to back it up. And such is the case for Jermaine Dave, the Omega Psi Phi, who chose his rapper name due to its meaning. Its literal translation is “technique story.” Elaborated, it means, being able to tell his story through the techniques of his music. Recently utilizing his techniques, Gaiden releases a new single. “Rolling Stone” is a Beeks Vybe produced cut off his upcoming project, “Doped OWT.” - MariaMyraine

"Jitsu Giaden – Rolling Stone"

Jermaine Dave is a proud Omega Psi Phi whose rapper name, “Jitsu Gaiden” translates into “technique story.” In short, Jitsu hopes to tell his story through the techniques of his music. His favorite saying is, “If you ain’t terrified of your dreams, you not dreaming big enough.” On his personal quest to living his dreams out, Jitsu liberates the second single off his upcoming project, “Doped OWT.” The Beeks Vybe produced cut is carried by piano chords and drum kicks. - MARIAMYRAINE


Still working on that hot first release.



Based out of Tennessee, Jitsu Gaiden has created the new era for the young society to promote Positivity, Creativity, and Good Vibes through the FrequentFlyers Lifestyle. Jitsu believes that, "If you aren't terrified of your dreams, then you aren't dreaming big enough." Thus, anything can be achieved through passion and the desire to be great. That is the Lifestyle of the FrequentFlyers.  

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