Fresh Beats and the Snap

Fresh Beats and the Snap


Our music draws from a wealth of influences and, with four songwriters/singers and five inputs into the creative process, we feel able to uniquely channel those influences. The music we make is an expression of who we are and we're not sure who/what we sound like, but we bet you'll dig it.


Bloomington Illinois’ first and only barefoot rock show. Fresh, Beats, and the Snap is a collection of 5 talented multi-instrumentalist musicians coming together to create something much larger than themselves as a whole. The joy and enthusiasm they create amongst each other is palpable from the crowds they engross. With 4 singer/songwriters in the group and the ability to draw from various genres of music, an average Fresh, Beats, and the Snap performance in more of a floating circus than a rock show. The band continues to innovate their own brand of songs through sudden twists and turns, instrumentation swapping, improvisation and an attitude of wonderment towards each line and riff.

At first glance you may believe you are witnessing a rock show only to be turned around in a frenzy of funk, jazz and soul. Pounding rhythms and harmonizing lines lead the listener on a trip mirroring that of a lifetime of experience melting into one moment. Furious strings of blurry-motion create tension under tones of calm and collectiveness. Their lyrics tell stories, draw from personal experience and ring true in trying times and good times.

True to their nature, the band kicks off their shoes before each show as to better feel where the music is coming from and where it might possibly go. A Fresh, Beats, and the Snap show is truly an eye opening experience.

Fresh, Beats, and the Snap have been working their way up the Midwest music scene’s ladder, playing with such national touring acts as Backyard Tire Fire, The Station, Madahoochi and Jaik Willis. FBS has also taken it upon themselves to welcome new, up-and-coming Midwest bands to the stage with them including Coal Train, Gunslinger’s Dream, Ion Quest, Algernon, and Project Valdez. With a firm grasp on Bloomington, IL, they have traveled throughout their great state to Peoria, Springfield, St. Louis, Palatine, Geneva, St. Charles and Glen Ellyn. Currently the band is branching out further into the Midwest to include Chicago, Iowa, Indiana and a town near you.

Contact by email
Or call Drew @ 630-302-1247


Debut album - Grove St.
Released March 31st, 2006

Available soon in local record stores, and iTunes.

Set List

20+ Originals and twice that in covers.

Sets have run from 1 to 2 hours in the past and anywhere from 1 to 3 sets in a night.

Bands Played With:
The Station
Backyard Tire Fire
Coal Train
Ion Quest
Jaik Willis
Gunslinger's Dream

Venues in:
St. Louis, MO
Chicago (Wise Fools Pub, Lilly's)
Carbondale (Hangar 9)
Palatine (Durty Nellies)
St. Charles
Glen Ellyn
Forest Park