Fresh Catch

Fresh Catch


Fresh Catch is a young, motivated and professional reggae/rock band that has the ability to work any crowd and make sure everyone within earshot is having a good time. Whether you are a long time fan or a first timer you will be dancing and smiling. And to us, thats what it is all about.


Fresh Catch rocks heavy reggae. Shaking South Florida with their version of the reggae/punk/hip-hop sound popularized by bands like Sublime and 311 they are eager to expand their horizons. After some memorable performances at notable venues, bars, backyard parties, the beach, the local surf shop and even on a party boat once, their 2nd full length CD So Far.. will be available 2.26.10. Their music seems to be most appreciated by beach bums, surfers, skater punks, heavy drinkers and girls that like to dance but it's an open party and if you can hang, you're invited. Fresh Catch expands many genres so regardless of why you went out for the night, if you end up at an FC show you will have a killer time.

Along the way FC has shared the stage with many national, regional and local acts at some of the most infamous venues around Florida.


"Foul Hooked" Full Length album released 8/08

"So Far..." Full Length album released 2/10

Fresh Catch has had radio play on 103.1 the buzz and Orlando's O-rock. FC has also been featured in multiple local news and tv segments. Steaming music can be heard at and at

Set List

FC will typically play a one hour set of originals when sharing the bill with other bands. FC also has the ability to cover up to three hours with a mix of originals and popular reggae/rock covers including but not limited to Sublime, Bob Marley, UB40, Musical Youth and Toots and the Maytals.