Los Angeles, California, USA
BandHip Hop

"I'm gonna be in that barbershop conversation..."


Respecting the legends that came before him, ICON has begun his road to be regarded as the next one.

Iconic in every sense of the word, it’s no wonder that even Wikipedia rushed to print his name. With swag like some, lyrical play like none and a smile that entices all, it’s quite clear why ICON answered his calling to hip hop.

Born in a tumultuous post-revolution Iran, ICON (born Ila Parvaz), stepped into the world at the height of another mass movement taking place in the U.S. Hip Hop was pressing into the music scene at the hands of Russell Simmons and other legendary figures. When “Walk this Way” hit the Billboard charts in 1986, it was more than a welcoming introduction for ICON, whose family made the U.S. their home that same year.

While the East Coast was bumping, the N.W.A. was making major noise in the West Coast. Landing in Orange County, California ICON took notice at the major influences of American culture and felt the strong presence of Hip Hop. It was at age 13 that ICON entered the ring for his first freestyle battle. Awakened by N.W.A., but inspired by the evolving East Coast culture, ICON rests his influence on the likes of those rappers who could creatively deliver a message while containing their emotions ingeniously in their bars.

Almost a decade after he went in for his first taste, ICON is now more than an ingredient in this melting pot some call hip hop. He is the product, uniquely branded and individually wrapped. He represents the legacy and the continuation. A new era has begun. Welcome to Fresh Coast.


- Welcome 2 Fresh Coast Vol. 1 (Mixtape)

- Welcome 2 Fresh Coast Vol. 2: Let's Do This (Mixtape) (features "I Want You [Jonesin']" produced by Redwine, and "Down For The Count" produced by Swiff D)

Set List

varies from gig to gig