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Fresh Cut Salads


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Sexy Salad"

Yeah, I got a taste of some Fresh Cut Salad. I'm talkin' CRISP.

Salad is usually the first part of a three-course meal, but whatever secrets you hold compel me to partake in Salad followed by Salad followed by Salad.
- Manhandle


Vitamin Sea - 2006



We've been playing together for 18 months, and we recently released our first full-lenth album, Vitamin Sea!

Our music is so ideal that you already like it, even without having heard it!

Every song is a bigger birthday present than the last, and when we're finished with you, you'll be a 90-year-old baby!

We tend to form our "creative philosophy" around the concept of never backing down from a bad idea. Thus, as a band we find ourselves tethered to several toilsome traditions (such as writing a completely new "Intro" song for EVERY single show). As a result of these stubborn policies, we have been able to strike a glittering balance between abusive self-deprecation and career-crippling egotism.

Come to a show and have a special little taste of our Salad. If you like what you hear, pay us money for a fresh copy of "Vitamin Sea," our newly released album; also consider buying us a drink or two to be polite.

If you dislike what you hear, then please go home to your loved ones and cry about it, keeping in mind that we will also be heading home to do exactly that.

-Fresh Cut Salads

Additionally, you can see more pictures, watch a couple videos, and hear samples of all of our songs by following the link below...