Fresh Heir

Fresh Heir

BandPopSoul Fresh Heir is a hot, young and talented group based out of St. Louis, Mo. The energy that they bring to the stage will keep you dancing and grooving all night long


*Selected for Armed Forces Ent. Tour in Europe

* Performed in The 10,000 Lakes Festival, Iowa City Jazz Festival,

*Advanced to the 9th round in The Bodog Battle of the Bands

You. Do. Not. Stop. Moving.
Fresh Heir is a five piece high energy pop/soul/rock band that originated in 2007 while its members attended Webster University. Their music is a positive uplifting experience that infuses different elements of popular music while setting themselves apart from other bands by incorporating an uncommon instrumentation. For starters the band’s lead vocalist, Nick Savage doubles as the group’s drummer without missing a beat. Redefining thumping bass, keyboardist Ryan Marquez’s left hand more than holds down the low end of the sound spectrum while his right hand lays down lush Organ and Rhodes licks. Guitarist Benny Love’s smooth electric leads and tasteful rhythms fill out the musical foundation creating a unique, electrifying sound. Finally, topping it off Junior Siskey (Tenor Saxophone) and Desi Reichold (trumpet) come together as one bringing back those “feel good” horn lines today’s generation never knew.

Within the two years of the bands existence, Fresh Heir has performed and exceeded the expectation of the average local band in St. Louis. They have performed and "packed the house" in many of the top venues of the Midwest. This includes The Pageant (St. Louis), The Metro (Chicago), The Blue Note (Columbia), Iowa City Jazz Festival (Iowa City), 10,000 Lakes Festival (Detroit Lakes, MN) to name a few. The group has also done extensive travelling throughout Colorado, Kansas City and even done their fair share of recording in Nashville. While on their musical journey they have attracted many big names in the music industry local and on the national level. Fresh Heir is currently preparing to go on a two week tour to Europe sponsored by the United States Armed Forces ( supporting St. Louis’ Earthworms. The band is also up for St. Louis’ Alive Magazine contest: Next Emerging Artist ’09 and can be voted for now through April 10th at In addition to playing the bigger venues Fresh Heir has performed at several local non-profit events like Earth Day at Forest Park, The Loop in Motion Festival, and Adams Elementary (St. Louis public schools).

While there are many bands all over the United States, few can say they've come as far as they have on their own. Especially when you factor in that they have done it all themselves without management or a record label. The group currently handles all of their own finances, traveling, recording, booking, and promotion with very little to no help.

Fresh Heir’s main goal is to spread their music as far and wide as possible. The most important part of Fresh Heir is that, lyrically it reflects the lives of its members and promotes a positive message. With lyrics like, "There's gonna be a brighter day", "We have to conquer fear", "I know its tough but, you can always get through", and "The sky's the limit", they believe everyone can closely relate themselves to their message at times, especially in the times we live today.

In addition to fueling the production and business side of the band some members of Fresh Heir have created a production company that has began to take over St. Louis' party scene called the New Family involving the best of St. Louis' emerging artist!

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“Speaking of which, the hippest part of 10KLF, the Saloon Stage, was off and running in great fashion with St. Louis surprise Fresh Heir. While the majority of the music seekers flocked to the big names of Particle and Galactic, the little-known Fresh Heir brought energy and a fresh sound to the Saloon. For my money, this young group was the best catch of the three bands mentioned, led by drummer Nick Savage fusing jazz, funk, salsa and a little bit of playfulness with Skee Lo's one-hit-wonder "I Wish."
-Brian Heisler of

Since the 10,000 Lakes Fest Fresh Heir has begun to stake their territory across the Midwest. Having performed in Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota and Colorado Fresh Heir continues to take their music across the nation on their claim to fame.

From the get go, audience members were humming the catchy melodies of the three-piece pop punk outfit Centrepointe. But Fresh Heir took the second spot of the night. Throw in a horn section and keyboards and you've embarked on a funk extravaganza that had the crowd breaking it down with the frontman stepped it up a notch and steered the band in to uncharted soul territory.
--Bodog Battle Show Review

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Set List

Fresh Heir's set list consists of mostly high energy original tunes with the incorporation of some familiar covers played in Fresh Heir's style. Fresh Heir can play anywhere from 60minute-120 minute sets and shows lasting 1-4 hours. Fresh Heir's has been known to cover songs from musicians like Ray Charles, Soulive, Outkast, Bob Marley, Erykah Badu and Jimi Hendrix among others.