Fresh Heir

Fresh Heir

 St. Louis, Missouri, USA

For starters the band’s lead vocalist, Nick Savage doubles as the group’s drummer without missing a beat. Redefining thumping bass, keyboardist Ryan Marquez’s left hand more than holds down the low end of the sound spectrum while his right hand lays down lush Organ and Rhodes licks. Guitarist Pete Lombardo's tasteful electric leads and tasteful rhythms fill out the musical foundation creating a unique, electrifying sound. Finally, topping it off Junior Siskey (Tenor Saxophone) and Desi Reichold


Rocking an uplifting mix of Pop, Soul, and Rock to packed audiences since 2007, Fresh Heir is a St. Louis based band that has been making unique waves since their start. Seamlessly mixing that classic Motown sound with modern influences like John Legend, Maroon 5, and Incubus into one unified sound, Fresh Heir keeps you dancing while delivering their positive lyrics in three part harmony over a high energy music bed. Though they’re a young group, Fresh Heir has already reached success on the local, regional, and international level. Known as one of the hardest working and best drawing bands in St. Louis, Fresh Heir keeps the fans coming out, has been awarded such titles as “Best Jam Band” by the Riverfront Times, and receives regular praise from 88.1 KDHX radio. On the regional level, Fresh Heir has conquered 1,000+ seat venues like the Pageant (St. Louis) and the Metro (Chicago) and festival crowds at Iowa City Jazz Festival and 10,000 Lakes Festival (MN). In 2009, Fresh Heir went international, touring European countries such as England and Germany. Fresh Heir’s debut album, “The Sky’s the Limit,” hit the streets in January 2010 and has since been through multiple printings. Not bad for a band with no record label or professional management. Fresh Heir makes it clear with every move that they are one of the most talented and hard working bands around, and in 2011 they will continue to spread that message across the USA.


The Sky's The Limit 2010