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Sometimes, If you put your hand on the rails, you can feel the train coming. It’s in the air, or on the tip of everyone’s tongue. All there is to do is patiently wait. Every once in a while someone comes along with the force of a natural element and the only thing you can do is get aboard or get out the way. From the borough that created Hip Hop, The Bronx, I bring myself to all of you, 24 years in the making: Fresh Jacobs.

It’s not easy being a best kept secret, especially for an artist who has so much to say. The 24 year old, Bronx-native, who has been highly regarded and courted by many top level executives and industry insiders for the past four years, has remained relatively unknown to the public eye. Until now. With the release of his Live4Ever Entertainment Debut album “MOMENT OF CLARITY”, Fresh is sure to take the entire music industry and world by storm. Raised in the South Bronx, on the same block as the legendary Tupac Shakur, Fresh is a forward thinker with varied interests.

Drawing from every and anything that is in his environment, 183rd Street and Walton Avenue is a major influence on him as a person and an artist.There are no limitations to Fresh’s skill and ability as an MC. He has the drive and the finesse to explore artistic regions and break boundaries, all while having the street credibility, education, and the persona to go bar for bar with any thug or conscious artist; He is surburbia and the streets all in one.

Rapping since the age of six, Fresh began taking his artistic gift seriously at twelve, inspired by other MC’s and groups such as Jay-Z, 2Pac, Nas, Krs-One, Rakim and the Wu-Tang Clan. Fresh followed his first love and after Appearing in Jay-Z’s video “Anything", acting in a made for TV movie, Ghostwriting for other artists, appearing on DJ Kay Slay’s mixtape “The Renegade Pt. 5: The Kingpinz”, and various stints with a few record labels such as 3rd Pound Entertainment, Premiere East and the legendary Def Jam, Fresh decided to go independent. Unfazed and more determined than ever, Fresh and his best friend and partner, Nantambu moved ahead and went record the debut album in the winter of 2005.

Being free of restrictions and legalities that major labels come with, Live4Ever Ent/Black Genius Media Group was given life and proved to be the perfect fit.”The title “MOMENT OF CLARITY” represents the point in life, where a man has to stand on his own. He has to learn who he is and stand on those laurels,” Fresh said. “Having that “MOMENT OF CLARITY” is when you put away your childish things and you take life on your terms.”

Laced with 15 tracks of thought-provoking, complex, and playful lyricism coupled with Grade A production, “MOMENT OF CLARITY” comes with NO guest appearances and features production from “The Heatmakerz” (The Diplomats, Cam’ron),”88 Keys” (Kanye West, DMX), “Young Lord” (P. Diddy, Nelly) “Shaunta & Shorty”, “Daudi” (Shaggy), and “Charlie and Kenny Bereal” (MYA, Kanye West).

Many artists have albums that aim to reach a diverse audience, but Fresh is an embodiment of his words.

As a free thinker and a music listener with a eclectic taste, he is the everyman. He is also a young man who loves his family, his daughter, his neighborhood and likes to hang with his crew. Hip Hop is more than just beats and rhymes. Hip Hop is swagger, attitude, speech, style, music, and culture. Hip Hop is a lifestyle. The continued success of Hip Hop depends on individuals that combine the streets, with intelligence and strong radio play. With Fresh Jacobs, Hip Hop has found another favorite son and Great Mc.

The saga continues….

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Black Genius Media Group


"A Genius Is One Who Is Most Like Himself"- Thelonious Monk


2004-"South Bronx (Remix) Feat. Money Boss Players"- Mixtape single
2004- "BX Menace"- Single
2005- "Paper In My Pocket" Mixtape
2006- "Moment Of Clarity" LP
2006- "Fresh '85" B/W "Put It On The Line"- Single
2006- "Moment Of Clarity"- Single
2007- "Your Nobody Til Somebody" Single from Forthcoming Spike Lee Movie
2008- "Cryin 4 Rap"- Single
2008- "One Girl (Remix) Featuring Keith Stewart"- Single
2008- "The Cooley High Sessions" Mixtape
2008-"Return Of The Boom Bap"- Single
2008- "50 Dollar Sneakers"- Single
2009- "The World Is Yours"- Single
2009- Precious (Remix) Featuring Jim Jones & Ryan Leslie

Set List

Set List: (8-10 mins)
Intro- .30
Opening song: 1:30
Secondary song: 2:00
Interlude: .30
Third Song: 1:30
Endinging Song/Lead Single: 2:30