Freshly Baked

Freshly Baked


Freshly Baked is a High octane hard hitting rock band fueled by catchy three part harmonies , chorus , & solo's .


Freshly Baked was founded in 2012.The band its self is doing its part to bring Rock back to the people.
Some of the bands influences are such bands as Foo Fighters,Nirvana,Black Tide , and so many more.
what sets Freshly Baked aside from other bands today is the strong sense of bringing a live in your face show to the people with high energy and intensity . no hidden back tracks just what you see on stage is what you hear. With Eric's hard and gritty Vocals and Les's backing vocals the harmonies are unforgettable classic.


Self Titled Demo only 50 copies made with three songs

1.she say's
2. predictably plain
3. el de cap

the music is streaming on