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"freshman rock"

Some bands are so special you want to keep them as your very own secret.
Freshman are one of those bands..., these boys are an absolute revelation..
Simply stunning! -

"Freshman/ When Shadows Fall"

Freshman have been around for a few years now and this debut album has been a long time coming but it looks like it’s been worth the wait. Previous low key releases and demos have hinted at real potential but there was always something not quite right, be it production or the delivery and there was the danger that they would never find that magic formula but on this album at last it all comes together.

Where Freshman really score is that they don’t sound like anyone else; there are lots of hints at influences but they never borrow too much from any single source and that gives them a fresh and original feel. It’s rock music with a hard edge but layered with plenty of melody and hooks and in the charismatic Mark Harrison they have a fine singer. His range is good and his voice has just enough grit around the edges to pull off the harder songs and yet still drop easily into a gentle lilt for the token ballad ‘Maybe Someday’.

The cornerstones of ‘When Shadows Fall’ are the big riffs and choruses of the older songs like ‘Stronger’ and ‘Walk Away’, which although familiar have never sounded so full and punchy as they do here. The newer songs however are where Freshman are at right now and on this evidence the future is very bright. Title track ‘When Shadows Fall’ is superb, big guitars, layers of wah and a brooding verse that gives way to a beast of a chorus where Chapman really gets to cut loose. OK so the ballad isn’t the strongest song but that’s really the only down point of a highly impressive debut, the rest of the songs have it all, great riffs, catchy choruses, driven rhythms and crisp vocals. There is plenty of variety too, ’Late In the Game’ is subtler but features a great vocal and there’s no danger of you losing interest half way through the album. The more you play it in it's entirety the more it grows on you and the more impressive it becomes, it just works on every level.

A lot of people have tipped Freshman for some time and this release might just give them what they need to move up to the next level. Good stuff indeed.
- Room Thirteen / Andrew Latham


When Shadows Fall - 2009

Freshman receive a lot of love and support from BBC Radio Kent, Eagle Fm, BBC Radio One, BBC World Service and Splash FM.



Freshman are a heavy rock band from london, formed in 2004, they set about tearing up their town with a unique sound of energising uplifting and groove driven music.

Freshman have gigged mercilessly since 2004 playing hundreds of gigs across the UK including a triumphant tour with BBC Radio Kent!!

Freshman have played Zoo, Latitude, Dock Rock, Sellindge, Blissfields and the Radio One fringe festivals appearing alongside the likes of the Hives and Funeral For A Friend.

Freshman have performed live at the world famous BBC Television Centre.

Freshman have been heard on BBC Radio One as well as numerous features via the BBC World Service earning them a growing fan base within the Persian, caribbean and Albanian networks.

freshman continue to enjoy airplay and support from BBC Radio Kent, Eagle Fm and Splash Fm.

Freshman's debut album 'When Shadows Fall' is available to buy now from iTunes, Amazon, Napster and Rhapsody!!