Fresh Mann

Fresh Mann

 Portland, Oregon, USA
BandHip Hop

Do you like hearing great, energetic music, seeing entertaining presentation, and having a good time? Well then you want to see Fresh Mann! Let his music and ministry take you into worship of our Lord & Savior.


Sean “Fresh Mann” Daley's journey through life began October 23rd 1986 in Eugene, Oregon; the day he was born. From the start he had a rough life because sadly he was born to parents who were unable to take care of him properly due to drug and alcohol abuse, violence and neglectful parenting. Thankfully, at age 4 he was adopted into a home where he started going to church every Sunday and was eventually introduced into the body of Christ at the age of 5.

As Fresh grew older it was evident that he had a love for music. When he was about 10 he taught himself how to play the keyboard, and then started having dreams of doing music professionally, as well as rapping, and acting, by the time he was in the 4th grade. He began writing rap songs, performing in school talent shows, singing on stage, acting in school plays, and developed a deep passion for Christ. He continued to pursue these as his favorite activities through Jr. High and high school.

In May 2005, he came out with his first; self produced and recorded, 16 track independent CD, entitled “Where Do I Go from Here?”.

In 2007, Fresh Mann was signed to the non-exclusive, Holy Hip Hop label, Death2Self Records, which has backed such artists such as YungTown, and SA. Following his signing, Fresh began to produce his first published album called, “I’m Fresh Part A”.

The launch of this CD led to many performances around the country where fans were thrilled to both watch and listen to Fresh Mann’s amazing talent. Fresh’s desire to promote the album led him to perform at SonShine Fest during the summer of 2007 in Minnesota, and then to join the acclaimed, Extreme Tour a month later.

Before, during, and since then, Fresh Mann has performed, toured and collaborated with dozens of artists in minor and major secular and Christian markets, including some of the biggest names in music. To name a few big artists: Grits, Kj 52, Casting Crowns, Jeremy Camp, Kutless, Toby Mac, and Switchfoot.

Right now, Fresh Mann’s album, “I’m Fresh Part A” is featured on Verizon’s V-Cast and ITunes, as well as any other digital distribution websites.

Currently, Fresh Mann helps out other artists with collaborations and performs across the nation. He is also co-host of the popular podcast, Amped Radio which is hosted on

“I’m Fresh Part B” will be released in spring 2011. One of his singles from that CD, called “Can’t Stop Runnin” is also featured on the Roo Records “Music To Live By”: HOLY HIP HOP compilation CD, and is available on &
The song "1 Life To Live", also from "I'm Fresh Part B" is featured on Holy Hip Hop's Taking The Gospel To The Streets Vol 6: Street Gospel 101. He is also working closely with Benjiman (former BEC Recordings artist).

It will be amazing to see what else the ambitious artist will accomplish in the future, and how much more his talent is utilized and developed.


My vision for ministry might include the following statement: For Future Generations. I take this in part from a song by a group called 4Him. Their song is called “For Future Generations”. It says:

“I won’t bend & I won’t break
I won’t water down my faith
I won’t compromise in a world of

I realize that I, along with everybody else on this earth only have a short time to live. The two main goals that we should have in this life are to 1. Love God & 2. Love Others by witnessing to them, and discipling them.

If we as Christians do not pass our values on to the next generation, who will carry the torch? This is why my thesis statement is: For Future Generations. My passion, and my goal is to live my life in a godly manner, that the kids who see me want to follow. Then, my goal is to disciple them, so that they will be strong individual Christians who will pass on their torch to the next generation, and they will be the Sunday school teachers. They will be the youth leaders, they will raise up godly kids, they will go on missions trips, they will evangelize, they will witness, they will disciple, and they will do this: For Future Generations.

- Fresh Mann


"Where Do I Go From Here", May 2005(Independent Release)

Escile: Forgotten Dialect
(2007) Island of Ecsile Records

I'm Fresh - Part A
(2007) Death2Self Records

Chris Treborn: Open Heart Surgery
(2008) G-Rated ENT

Praize: A New Start
(2008) Infinite Records

SA: Legend
(2008) Death2Self Records

Music To Live By (Holy Hip Hop)
(2008) Roo Records

Holy Hip-Hop: Street Gospel 101
(2008) Holy

The "I'm Fresh"-Interlude Mixtape
(2009) Death2Self Records

Unity Mixtape
(2009) Death2Self Records

"I'm Fresh"-Part B
(2011) Death2Self Records

-Signed to Death2Self Records(with YungTown, SA): 2007

-On Itunes(and other digital download sites): 2007

-Part of the extreme tour(west coast) 2007

-Toured/performed with the biggest acts in Christian music:(Grits, Kj 52, Casting Crowns, Jeremy Camp, Kutless, Toby Mac, Switchfoot, etc.) 2007 and beyond

-Featured on Radio Stations and in Christian retail stores:(# 1 in some places) 2007 and beyond

-Part of the music to live by compilation(Roo Records): 2008

- Showcased for GMA Week, Nashville, April 2008

- Part of the "Holy Hip Hop: Street Gospel 101" comp. project, Fall 2008 (Track 6, 1 Life To Live)

Set List

My typical set list is about 8 songs, 45 minutes. However I am extremely flexible and can go shorter or longer up to 4 hours.

This includes speaking/preaching, as well!