Fresh Nelly

Fresh Nelly


Fresh Nelly is a solo artist/composer of eclectic styles of music with no particular direction or focus. She's willing to try any style, every genre. Self taught and armed with a love of music, she searches for her own style. A style that must include hard beats and something Fresh, something new.


Fresh Nelly phased into existance in 1999 as an electro-pop artist, now out of the closet french and english with a Euro-hard-house-trance-dance style.
Unique electrik-eclectik-dyslexik sounds have continued to vibe out ever since. Her recent emphasis on live instruments surrounded by neuro-electronica is emphasized in her new CD release, ComicBooks.


Talk About Sex

Written By: Sandra Sims

Politics religion
War and little pigeons
I don't have opinions
'bout that rack and pinion
The papers are for kitty
to do her little ditty
The news is too depressing
So I'll be undressing

The football match is rockin'
Cute guys we can't knock'em
We'd be up one goal
But the ball went off the pole
Conversation's shiftin'
Yeah, but I'm not listening
I just think it's mean
I wanna have sex with all the team


Menage A Trois - Indie Label Solarise Records 2003
Girlz 2 Men - Indie Label Solarise Records 2004
Comic Books - Independant release - CDbaby 2006

Set List

60 Cycles per second
Talk About Sex
Brain Chemicals
So Happy
The Change is coming

Approx 1/2 hour set