A strong rock/ska influence combined with a deep-rooted commitment to music that is innovative, both musically and lyrically. The music of Fretwork touches many borders while maintaining a level of simplicity and raw passion.


"All the Stories how, we wound up here to drown these years.
And all how, we fought 'til the bottle's in our hand.
But I wake up, and it slips through mine like sand."
David Felton - Carry On

Fretwork has had the same four members since its origin in the spring of 2000. Matt, David, Spud (Alec) and Arjun became friends in grade 9 and since then have developed a strong bond and deep respect for each other. The chemistry and friendship between band members is evident in every live performance and is essential to the progress the band.

Fretwork was formed almost before each member even knew how to play their instruments. David and Arjun had formed an immediate bond over their passion for the guitar and once the prospect of songwriting became a reality it seemed only natural to have two close friends complete the circle, as Matt picked up the bass and Spud took up the drums.

The positions in the band were filled and the goal was clear however, there was no original material to play. David had always had a passion for writing but he had never written a song until grade 9. When David first revealed his own songs to the band, Matt, Spud and Arjun were blown away. David's lyrics, melodies and creativity gave the band the direction and foundation they needed to evolve as artists and musicians.

Over the past 7 years Fretwork has played all over the downtown Toronto area. Venues like the Reverb, the Opera House, the Kathedral, the El Macombo and the Drake Hotel have all felt the vibe of Fretwork's music.

The Fretwork you see today is a band who has supported each other since the beginning. They have learnt to play their instruments together as a band and have always done their best to represent the most fundamental qualities of good music. Each Fretwork song exists as a reflection of the growth and maturation of four high school friends. As long as playing and performing remains therapeutic for the band there will more and more music to come.

"Its seldom gonna help 'em, gotta belt 'em away,
save our precious medium...
But I've felt it in the welding force of when we play,
there's no light until our work is done."
David Felton - Free and Candle Blue


Carry On

Written By: Fretwork (lyrics by David Felton)

Fifty million little bugs, the fit I have each day,
The sun hits hot behind me, hits my nerve, my need to fly away.
Grift me out of space and time, get me some place to lodge,
All hail the ale this friday, lift us to the raj garage...
Ooh, you live on your pen and your pad, you're telling me what's good and bad...
Ooh, but you don't know, all the times we've had outside the cove...

CHORUS: And all the stories how, we wound up here to drown these years...
And all how, we fought 'til the bottle's in our hands...
But I wake up, and it slips through mine like sand....

Skipping class, and toke and hack, my mind's a boiled egg,
Drilling holes into the glass, pour more into my keg,
My legs can chuck to Chaplin but from there it's just a haze,
But wood, lights, spliffs, beer, friends, music, are gonna string us through this maze....
Ooh, it don't matter what the grade, I got my liquid gold, my lemonade...
Hey, you don't say, "sloshed in the garage garden in the shade..."

CHORUS (above)

BRIDGE: Well, wood's like blood, suppporting the frames...
But down under the lights we lights up lots of spliffs (And the smoke's like guitar riffs)
Who tips another bottle's gonna be feeling the lift,
But now my friends all got the bends and music string us to the end....

CHORUS (above)


Way Go So Long

Written By: Fretwork (lyrics by David Felton/Arjun Lombardi)

Well I way go so long,
just too feel her lift my blues,
just to drink a little booze,
It's a long trip to the end of town,
Got my head all full of voltage,
Got the life that's high I'm drinkin' down...
Well I way go so long,
Once it's late enough to rise,
Pop my sight into my tired eyes,
He buys again, last final dime,
Alas for the masses,
Thought he'd make it this time...

CHORUS: Things come together,
Things fall apart,
Any road you're running, it's a long road in the dark...

But I won't go so long,
Just to please that working voice,
Just to occupy that pleasant void,
It's a long trip, down into the ground,
Got my head all full of clouds,
Love is what I got, it's what I've found...

CHORUS (above)

I give up cuz I'm out of time,
Without a single vision I'll be staying up all night,
I sit up like I've got the time,
But the wheel keeps burning like day into the night,
I look up right through the sky,
Like the way you're always feeling when you know it's not a lie,
I live up and I've got the time,
Cuz I've paid my debts and I haven't lost a dime....
No, I haven't lost a dime....

And if the tunnel never ends...
I'm not alone, no no,
And I could way go so long,
And I ain't felt the same since 1994...

But I way go so long,
Just to feel her lift my blues,
Just to drink a little booze...


2006 - Silent Pilot EP

Set List

In the past Fretwork has played sets as long as 2 and a half hours which have consisted completely of original material. However, most shows have been about an hour and a half and consist of two thirds original material and one third covers.

Bands that are frequently covered by Fretwork include: Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Strokes, Pearl Jam, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix.