Freudian Slip

Freudian Slip


"FS" is a four piece pop/rock band that gets the masses dancing. Wherever we play, a non stop party is had for all.


"FS" has been around since 1999. Though we have had several line up changes (the core original members of Martello and Gosdanian remain), the current line up is the best, having all members being highly professional in performing and recording. Are influences include: The Beatles;U2;Oasis;Mellencamp; Rush: the Police:Frank Sinatra; Foo Fighters;Led Zepplin and a ton more!


"Do Without You"(C-2008 Martello)
This song was featured on an internet radio station a couple of times recently with high praises.

Set List

Our set list generally compiles songs from artists such as the Beatles;U2; Weezer: Lifehouse; Oasis to Rolling Stones; Finger Eleven and Bryan Adams, as well as some orignals like "Do Without You" and "The Boom".