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back stabbers,A troubled World, Miami Dade, Im on Fireman


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If we are the sum of the experiences that shape our destiny, Frexx’s destiny began in the illustrious Southside of the windy city—Chicago. Frexx, born as Eugene W. Mcnair Jr., was a product of a Jamaican-Cuban father and a mother from Birmingham, Ala. The youngest of five siblings, Frexx’s two brothers and two sisters helped raise, mold and provide his life direction.
Frexx brings a virtual cornucopia of experiences and writes from a creative reservoir that is clearly identifiable to his peers. In a dark and selfish world, it is refreshing to hear from a young rapper whose heart beats with the rhythm of hope and whose words give life.
Like most Americans, Frexx’s early exposure to Hip-Hop came through the influences of Beat Street, break-dancing and songs like “Double Dutch Bus.� After those early savors of Hip-Hop, Frexx was hooked. It became a way of life.
Cyclical as it may seem, years after moving to Houston, Texas and Miami, Fla., Frexx headed back to Chicago, where he was introduced to a producer and rapper, Doug Infinite. Doug had a studio on 95th Street where the likes of No ID and Common (formerly Common Sense) hung out.
Being new to production and rapping, Doug decided to put together a loyal team who he could grow with. That team became State of Mind, and consisted of Kanye West, Frexx and Lucien Watson. While a short-lived collaboration, the group remains friends today and provided inspiration to the young Frexx.
Buoyed by his friendship with Kanye West and Doug, Frexx acquired his own creative musical arsenal and embarked upon an odyssey of song writing, creating demos and unleashing his own beats.
After nearly 10 years of diligently paying his dues, faithfully gaining command of the art form through writing, investing in the craft through his music library and countless pages of rhymes, the time has come for the emergence of a fresh voice. Hip-Hop has a face-lift.
With a renewed mind, an unabashed street perspective and a bold approach to speaking the truth to a dying world, Frexx has something powerful to say. With a panoply of lyrical satire and witty metaphors, children and adults can listen without hearing the degrading lyrical tsunamis of women, the rambling gunfire of violence and the death ethos of young men. Finally there is a voice that speaks to our generation, a young man who is destined to raise spiritual eyebrows with his bangin’ beats and tight lyrical flow. It’s been a long awaited entrance. Look out world: Frexx will have his say.