Quotes: “Frida revives the desire to enjoy rock.Vital, innovative and contagious... pure hits that that stick.Born from the timeless premises of pop: rhythm, fiber and choruses" “more aggressive than the Strokes…in a mixture of broken rhythm, armed guitars and voices on the verge"


Frida is born out of an improvised jam in 2004. They recorded a 12-songs demo praised by the specialized media and public. Mondosonoro, the most influential and widely read publication of Spain choose Frida as the best demo of the year by a wide margin. It leads to concerts, festivals, songs in various compilations and a record deal.The debut album "Mingle with the Nannies" was recorded "live" in 3 days. It got raving reviews in the national press and media. Frida is now working on the soon-to-be second album and considering the options to release it (specially international distribution)."Recommended if you like" - Pixies, dEUS, Fugazi, Elliott Smith, Supergrass, Broken Social Scene, David Bowie, The Cure.


L.P - Mingle with the Nannies
Supernovapop Vol 1 (various artists)
Festimad Taste Vol 1 (various artists)