Friday Mile

Friday Mile


Friday Mile makes music full of hooks, harmonies and heartache. They display a mastery of melody while bringing to light a series of influences ranging from Americana sounds to 1970s AM radio pop.


Sometimes, all the pieces fall effortlessly into place. Friday Mile were born on one of those balmy summer nights in Seattle. The story begins, as it rightly should, at The Crocodile Cafe. Jace Krause ran into Hannah Williams, a mere acquaintance at the time. They ended up playing sweet music deep into the morning (hey, not like that... but, you know, in the literal sense). The duo immediately found musical harmony and had one of those "Where have you been my whole life?" sort of moments.

Their band formed quickly, and included Jake Rohr (Jace's bassplaying roommate) and Chad Clibborn (a friend of a friend of a friend who needed a place to hang his snare).

Krause and Williams create delicate Iron and Wine-esque harmonies while Rohr and Clibborn lay down sexy grooves that bring back memories of The Police. They make modernsounding pop tunes channeled through 70s AM radio speakers, adding the right touch of bitterness and atmospheric delight. If the Magic Numbers took a chill pill, you might get something like Friday Mile.

They've pleased crowds in Seattle at places like The Showbox, Chop Suey, Sunset Tavern, and the place where it all began -- The Crocodile. Tacoma loves them too... they make frequent appearances at Jazzbones.

Seattle's KEXP and The Mountain (KMMT) have graced the airwaves with their melodies, local media outlets are showing love, and there's a burgeoning buzz on the web. Their new EP, Love & Gasoline, is a 24-minute striptease of what these guys can do. It just might get you in the mood...


Using Up Our Trust - 2005
Love & Gasoline EP - 2007

Set List

A typical set lasts 35-45 minutes.
setlist from cd release show:
The Glock Song
Distance = Danger
Curtain Call
Islands Abound
Gone are Your Jackpot Days
Three Years
Funny Things