Friday's Foolery

Friday's Foolery

 Dallas, Texas, USA

Formed in the summer of 2011 during a church rehearsal in Dallas, Friday's Foolery is a 5 piece band who created their entertaining soul/pop style under the motto "Creativity through Diversity".


Friday's Foolery is a 5 piece band who created their entertaining soul/neo-pop style under the motto "Creativity through Diversity". Formed in the summer of 2011 during a church rehearsal in Dallas Texas, the five members (Kevin Gray Jr., Felix Tellez, Kwinton Gray, Brandon Price, and JaQuay Morgan) went on to create a social media presence through YouTube and eventually release their first independent recording "Saturday Morning" in 2013. Since then, the guys have been expanding their fan base with a crowd engaging stage presence and performances while creating new music. Friday's Foolery continues to expand on their broad interest in multiple music genres while developing their own unique sound and voice.


Side By Side

Written By: JaQuay Morgan

Verse 1:
I remember back when we first fell in love
All I could see is you and that was enough
Now time went on but nothing changed
My futures bright with you if you say the same
Nothing is more perfect than when we’re together
And if this is cool than believe me it gets better
Just tell me that you’ll stay

Because All I need is you (to get by)
All I want is you right here by my side
I know we’ll be okay as long as you’re down for the ride
We’ll make it as long as you’re right by my side
We’re side by side

Verse 2:
I remember back when they questioned our love
There were some nay-sayers when the times got rough
But you know I ain’t going nowhere
As long as I got you nothing compares
Let the others worry about what we’ve got going
You’re the one for me is all I hope that you’re knowing
Reassure me you’d love to stay


Now I’m not sure what else I can say
For you to get the picture
I guess it’s something you’re going have to find out
I’m gonna let the guitar play while you figure it out

(Guitar solo)


Good Music

Written By: JaQuay Morgan

Verse 1:
I’m not trying to write a song
I’m not trying to create a hit
I’m not looking for the next club banger
To top the charts real quick
I want something you can feel
Deep down in your soul
Something that turns into a classic
What a dream to behold

I wanna tell a story
I wanna make good music
Be part of a memory
That only comes from good music

Verse 2:
Many blank pages in my book
Not enough to fill it
So many things running through my mind
Not sure how to explain it
So many things that I should speak on
Don’t know what exactly to say
How do I get you to understand
That what I say is real
I wanna make my place in this world with good music
And God willing, I will leave my mark in this world (2x)


I’m not trying to write a song…


Written By: JaQuay Morgan,Jessica Guilbeaux,Cornelius Johnson, Cornelius Johnson

Verse 1:
Tell me what did I do this time to have you unsatisfied with me
Because my compliments get toss to the side like there’s some pain inside caused by me
Our love is digressing
My heart you’re rejecting
Even with all the time we have invested in this
My actions are pointless
You act like I’m worthless
And I’m thinking that it’s time that you take note of this

You say you’re needing more from me
I don’t know what to do
All I think about is you everyday
But it don’t matter what I do
It’s not enough for you
It goes unnoticed by you anyway

Verse 2:
Lately it’s like I can’t do nothing right because you’re expecting something more
Don’t really want to fight but when I get in at night; it’s complaints that I get at the door
You have my attention and all my affection (You got it baby… oh yeah you got it baby)
But even with that I’m still falling short
And all of this stressing has me second guessing
Now I question what I even do it for

Most would go crazy
For what you have at home baby
You get so caught up that you can’t take notice that
The focus is on you
Because this right here is true
You should take the time to see that

Just take the time.. Oh yeah just take the time



Written By: JaQuay Morgan

Marcus had just turn 17
Searching for identity
A tendency to blend with the wrong crowd
Typecast in what they think he should be
Force to believe if you’re a real man then sometimes you gotta take a life
Now he’s a guilty man with blood on his hands because he needed to prove himself
He’s looking for clarity
Now losing integrity
Searching for confidence (Real confidence)

Sarah was only 23
A movie scarlet beauty
She was told if she wants to be a star
To be more open sexually
She knew that not many people get the chance she has
So she lays on the bed with a bottle in her hand as the tears run down her face
She wants to be a celebrity
Compromising integrity
Searching for confidence (So she runs to liquid confidence)

They’re looking for clarity
While compromising integrity
Simply looking for confidence (They need some confidence)
Lost in transition; desperately seeking something to call your own
And yet full of ambition; unable to see why youth is wasted in the young
So hurry hurry, they’re waiting for you to follow the crowd
What a pity you didn’t know repletion was something that was always allowed

Find it in you (Confidence inside of you, Confidence inside)

End of the Day ft Omini

Written By: JaQuay Morgan,Omini Ewah

Verse 1:
I’ll probably never be on time
Even if my life depended on it
And I’m not the guy who says the right things
I’m more like the type who just can’t get it right
So sue me if I never make it
Even hesitated to get to the mark
Not easily motivated
I tend to complicate it
But I don’t wanna fake it or play a part

Hey! At the end of the day
What more can I say
To make everything okay
I mean after all
Why cry over what’s been done
What good will it do?
It’s the end of the day

Verse 2:
Please excuse me if I don’t
Believe everything
That comes through these ears
I guess I’ll be a little skeptical
I mean after all
Who really knows what’s right
But who am I to tell you what I really think or feel
You don’t have to listen to me
But I just thought I changed it up and you gave you something that is real
My own life philosophy


One spiritual grain of sand, and a wisp of water vapor, this is all I am
Therefore, life's too short to waste pleasing others
Cause people gon' do what they gon' do, one way or another
Thank God for the freedom of choice
In my pursuit of success, many wet panties will get left behind
Simple, bi-product of 'Hustle & Flow'
A man of this world, every city I go
It's like I'm traveling and knowing I can lose my soul
And he-say? And she-say?
Sometimes the single life gets old
But I am bold enough to let you know
That ain't no rings anywhere
You ain’t Vanessa I ain’t Kobe
And I can not lose half boo-boo
Therefore, I'll continue to howl at the moon
At the end of the day, the prerogative is mine
Just be lucky that I chose to bless you with some of my time


Side Effects

Written By: JaQuay Morgan

"Side Effects"

When I close my eyes I can't help but to see your face
It's almost like you're haunting me
And no matter where I go I can't seem to escape
The memory of you and me
Now I'm searching for you every time I hear your name
Hoping to see you again
The result always turns out to be the same
Just feelings I can’t comprehend
My routine is out of form (It's hard for me to sleep/And I can barely eat)
Since the day you left, sleepless nights have been the norm (Full of anxiety/Losing my sanity)
I'm trying to focus & keep it in tact
But I'd be dumb to keep turning blind eyes to the fact

(The fact that)
These.. These are
The side effects of me being lost w/out you
Call me crazy but I can't explain
It only happens when I'm thinking about you (You 3x)

I would pay someone to take your voice off of replay
Going non-stop in my head
And I'm sure I look deranged when on display
Slowly falling apart thread by thread
Still the worst part of it all is you seem just fine
Meanwhile I'm losing track of days
I need to know that my mind hasn't gone astray
And it turns out you're my saving grace
It's like you created the antidote
And I'm still searching reclaiming pieces that I broke (shattered shattered)
Seems like only you can paste me back to right
So come and show me what normal should feel like
I'm lost w/out you


Now I've been known to be
On one two or three
Is the sky blue
That might never be
I'm sounding like hypochondriac
I got your twitter bird chirping (Where ya at?)
These voices in my head
Just can't go to bed
They rather talk about you instead
You only one to make it all just stop
Wait.. Let the band play?

These... These are the side effects of
But I can’t explain; It only happens (2x)


Saturday Morning EP- April 2013 

Side Effects- Single - December 2016