Fridge Poetry

Fridge Poetry


To break away from the contrived, to create music, that is our aim.

Music is so many things, so why limit yourself?

Do you like ska? Rock? Jazz? Blue? Metal? Funk?

We are not bound by genre or convention, we are here to party!

So if you enjoy being part of a musical experience and want to have some fun, then come kick your shoes off at our next show.


Fridge Poetry was dreamed up by Tim Harbour in the closing months of 2009.

Formed from the ashes of Joburg's Ninja Disco outfit, Tv IV Dogs; Band-mates Tim Harbour & Mark van Dijk along with Nick Williams, began jamming out the skeleton of what would become Fridge Poetry. After travelling to the future they realised that a 3 piece just wasn't going to cut it so adding some brass, the last piece of the puzzle arrived on the scene, calling himself Bheki 'Hotlips' Hlatswayo.

2010 was a good first year for Fridge Poetry, playing many well received gigs. Most notably opening for Cape Town Ska Rockers Hog Hoggidy Hog on their 2010 Joburg tour and also playing with the Death Valley Blues Band in one of their last shows in Joburg.

Having completed his tour in this time, Nick Williams returned to the future at the end of 2010. The hirsute alien, Ivan Oberholster stepped up to fill his shoes and bring some jazz bass flavour to our old Fenderless rhythm section.

In 2011 Bheki left the band to pursue interstellar politics, but luckily our cloning labs were working overtime from which we produced the finest brass blowers this side of the sun, Miss Carrie Anne Richardson and Sidney 'Licious" Rubige.

Now in their complete cybernetic form Fridge Poetry have come to provide you sweet tunes in the last year of humanity... Our space ship will be leaving from docking bay 94, don't be late.