Friendly Fire

Friendly Fire


A Sonic Boom of melodic guitars and sing song vocals with weird cosmic parts, weird and catchy, trippy and focused, as serious as a heart attack and as tight as angina, straight out of the Timiskaming Reserve comes this band of Indians: Friendly Fire.


Friendly Fire is Darrell McBride, his sister Kelly McBride and life long friend Alison McBride, hard rocking Algonquin Indians from Timiskaming Nation in Northern Quebec. Their story is one of a deep commitment to music, tireless work and overcoming the odds. They have been playing music together since 1995, in an assortment of bands, coming together as Friendly Fire in 2001. Veterans of over 200+ live engagements, Friendly Fire is garnering a lot of attention from Canadian and US music labels and generating a lot of word of mouth buzz.

"We come out to play shows for two reasons", says Darrell McBride "to rock hard and to make people happy". They come from the land of poutine and rebellion and their music is mix of the Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Green Day and the and the space gypsy rock of the Mars Volta. "Our sound is rooted in punk and grunge, stealing one thing in common from both, honesty" says Darrell. His life experiences make for powerful lyrics, often touching upon the yearning of unrequited love, isolation and the conditions facing young native people. The supporting vocals and the interplay with the lead vocals remind the listener of the rich Pixies harmonies.

Darrell and his band have travelled countless dark snowy Canadian winter roads to play shows and garner success. First place in the Ontario High School Band Competition, the semifinals of the Spirit North Festival, finalist in the University of Ottawa Band Wars and Finalist in the Emegenza Festival are among the awards they have received.

This hard work is paying off for Friendly Fire, they have been encouraged to keep on working hard by A&R representatives from Capitol, Virgin, Island and CODA Music Placement, to name a few. Jordon Zadorozny, of Blinker the Star and producer of Sam Roberts and Mellisa Auf der Mar, has agreed to produce this demo and a 6 song EP.

Recently, Pierre Killeen, an Ottawa-based businessman/lawyer has begun to manage the band, introducing them to contacts in the music business in Montreal, Los Angeles and Vancouver. This Friendly Fire is (finally) set to burn bright.


Farewell to Welfare (Northern Darkness EP)
I Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (Hudson EP)

Set List

45 mins to an hour of sweat filled rock shenanagens and sonic bliss.