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Friends 4 Life

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"Its all about God" "I thank God" "Only God can Judge me" "He loves me" check it out


Feeling a bit camera shy


Quincy McCullum and Keith Brumfield has been playing together as musicians since they were teenagers playing with churches throughout the Mississippi Gulf Coast Area. They played with the Bolton Brothers at a festival and a man named Vasti Jackson came up to the two young men and told them how he enjoyed listening to them play. He told them he would like for them to go on tour with him. He informed them that he was an agent in the music industry and that his job was to get musicians on different tours and gigs. A month later Quincy gave Mr. Jackson a call to see if the offer was still open and it was. So they talked and sure enough Mr. Jackson got quincy on tour with him overseas for 2 months in Europe with Katie Webster, B.B King, and Tinsley Evans.
While quincy was in Europe Keith had organized a group called Friends and they were singing and praising God all over the world. After Quincy came home he received a call from the William Brothers asking if he would like to be a part of there band. Quincy accepted and and called keith to go out on the road with him too. So they toured with the Williams Brothers for about ten years. Later Quincy got the opportunity to tour with the Canton Spirituals he played for about three years. Quincy and Keith have done many live recordings together live in Mobile, Live in washington, Live in atlanta, Live in new orleans and many more.
Finally the two came off the road from touring and they never forgot about singing and playing. This was a big part of there lives after being off the road for a while and they started there first group together they called it Family and Friends. They recorded the groups album which was called "only god can judge me". The group was together for 4 years until the storm katrina came which separated the group. They lost alot of choir members and till this very day cannot locate some of them. The group also lost alot of the equipment but the storm didn't keep them from going on with there mission so they started going out seeking more band members. Thats when they found Phillip Moore a bass guitar player and Rashawn bey a keyboardist. They also got a chance to reunite with an old band member who also played for the william brothers Mr. Ronny Artis a lead guitar player. For background vocals they found a man named Reggie White. Quincy wanted to keep there name similar to the old group so they came up with the name "Friends 4 Life".
Quincy says God has really been good to them after Katrina came and destroyed everything. The storm helped them become more stronger and come close together. Everything happened so quickly with the album that they didn't have time to speak to any record companies. So they went out on faith and used money out of there own pockets to complete the album. Now that the album is finished they are praying that God will send somebody to help them get out and get heard. They strongly believe that faith without work is dead and thats why they sacrifice so much to make this happen. They all sacrificed restoring their homes after the storm to complete the album. Friends 4 Life struggled but they believe that god wanted them to forget about where they were at that time of Katrina. They believed in giving God all the praise because he let them live to see another day because somebody didn't make it through the storm.
The album was written behind real life stories and issues that everyone can relate too. One of the songs title "Im so glad i made it through the storm" was dealt with real life testimony. Alot of people enjoyed that song because they know that Quincy and the band went through alot during that time of the storm. Keith was trapped in his house as the water rise in his on his family. He struggled to get his family to safety as water came in, they had to climb on top of the kitchen countertops and sleep there throughout the night and watch things they worked so hard to get be destroyed. Thats how we came up with the song "its all about God". That means its not about the material things nor what your going through cause its all about God. They went days without speaking to each other not knowing if everyone one was alright not knowing if anyone was hurt or hungry. They Had no communication transportation, electricity water food, and more. It was a night mare but we all made it out fine.
God has truly blessed Friends 4 Life and everyone around them and they are patiently waiting for the opportunity that they know God will send them. They are looking for a chance to meet somebody out there who can help them get into those places that they have never been before. Friends 4 Life has a contemporary style that pleases the younger generation and they have the traditional sound that pleases the elderly. They look forward to being discovered by someone who is willing to help out Gods children in their journey because like one of the songs say on album "If your not in Gods will your in the way".