Friends At Ten

Friends At Ten


Friends at Ten is a music project that's main ideal is the provocation of musical & artistic creativity. We are first and foremost Friends, and we pride ourselves in retaining the creative integrity that has fueled this project from its humble start. We are about human expression and expansion.


Friends At Ten's musical influences are numerous and diverse ranging from Jazz & 60's Psychedelic to Experimental, Math-Rock, & early Emo with a whole lot in between.

This whole project was founded on the wholesome epiphany of a 13 year old boy who realized you don't have to be famous or associated with the hypnotism of pop culture to be a successful artist and musician. After all, what defines an artist? What in life has true importance and meaning? These philosophical ponderings as well as many others are of great importance to the overall variety of sounds explored by Friends at Ten.

We are also open to any and all serious requests to collaborate on musical projects. We all have semi-cramped schedules as it is, but we will not hesitate to take some time to make art!


Blue Dream

Written By: Joshua Henderson

I take a step back to try and see
the big picture,
from a different point of view.
It's rather hard.
That I can understand,
but it's so necessary.

10 minutes

Written By: Joshua Henderson

I see a waterfall right in front of me,
and I can't help but feel something pulling me.
Because I'm attached to strings like a marionette,
and I'm merging with the place I rest.


I'm finally coming down to the place I live.
Figured reality is just perception.
I'm living different now.
I gave my self a brand new start.
Now I'm just wondering who you all are.


Live At Larry's (in studio, live demo) - 2011

Set List

/w Approximate Song Lengths:

1. Blue Dream (5:39)
2. Atmosphere (5:31)
3. Hammer (1:06)
4. (Interlude) (1:16)
5. When You Realize How Perfect Everything Is, You Will Tilt Your Head Back And Laugh At The Sky (4:59)
6. This Fresh Crisp Air Will Fade Into A Dead Stale Breath (It's Sad) (3:49)
7. Harmonics (3:13)
8. 10 minutes (4:07)

There are also 2 untitled tracks that we have almost completed, as well as numerous more in progress.