Friends For Hire

Friends For Hire


If Something Corporate slept with Blink 182 and they had a half Fall Out Boy child you would have something like Friends For Hire.


Friends FOR HIRE was formed in Charleston, SC. All members have come together from previous bands to try and create something different, creative, and something new for the ear to hear! With awesome poppy riffs and catchy lyrics, the band's fanbase on myspace has grown to 18,000 after only being on the site for less than 5 months!!! They recorded their first EP with Matt Malpass (Copeland, Rory, Inkwell) in Atlanta, GA in October of 2006. The EP is entitled "The meaning of love this evening." The next step for the band is to hit the road with non-stop touring all around the U.S. for the year 2007! So check their myspace site ( for tour dates for 2007 to see if they are coming to a town near you! ARE YOU FOR HIRE????


Have one EP entitled: The Meaning of Love this Evening. In the process of finishing our first Full Length album

Set List

We usually play around 8 songs and are on for 45min/1hour. But we love to play as often as much as we can! We don't usually do covers but if you wanted us to we could ;-)