Friends of Blake

Friends of Blake

 Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Our music makes people dance. People have a great time at our live shows because we have a broad range of music. The main thing we tell people, YOU HAVE TO SEE US LIVE...IT's PRETTY GOOD! We are a high energy band that is more of a jam band on stage, dancing and playing to the crowd.


We are stoked you are reading this, thank you. We hope you read on....

J.D. Blair, Ryan Blair and Justin DeStefano...let's see where did it start? In a 105 degree Florida day garage jam session. J.D.'s obsession with jamming out, Ryan and Justin's relentless "keeping up" led to a very solid acoustic jam band...if not crazy! Craziness that has lead to over 300 shows in 3 years!

We want to be known as the hardest working band out there. We practice/jam non-stop and play weekly shows at local bars. Working hard on our originals and stage presence as well as getting people to dance like crazy and love music as much as we do has been our goal from day one! We aren't the best band out there, but we sure can get people to have a great time!

We formed Friends of Blake in 2008 as a cover band working on originals. We have spent the last 3 years polishing our live show stage presence and have been writing originals as well. We have nearly 40 originals and feature around 10 at each of our cover shows. We like to say we are a jam band and our live shows really get people dancing! Our shows feature nearly 50 songs...and we never take a break!! Don't want the people to stop dancing!

Touring/studio members include: Ken Peterson (lead guitar), Ryan Emling (lead guitar), Stacey Sexton (bass)


Johnny and June

Written By: Friends of Blake

Rolling wheels on down the road
put it in drive and put the pedal to the floor
just you and me alone with some old John Cash
we're turning corners with the man in black

Ring of fire walk the line cocaine blues
folsom prison and a boy named sue
in the mirror I see me and you
it reminds me of Johnny and June

So we tripped trying others wine
now its just me and you alone all of the time
get rhytmn to get going
once we stop there ain't no damn slowing

Sit with you in the sand till the sun goes down
play my six string and I sing you a song
when I'm with you girl everythings gone
you know I love you like Johnny loved June


Written By: Friends of Blake

You want me you're my everyway
stumbling around like a fool
there is no safer place in my soul to say
grab your guns let's make a run and bust it up

Everywhere I go
Everwhere I hide
You find me everyway I try

No sitting here he said I need you more
you are my light
when its dark you shine so bright
that has got to be more than I see
you show me the way everyway

everything you said
rings deep in my ear
bleed all i can
bleed all i bled

Grab You A Star

Written By: Friends of Blake

I'll dream myself to sleep
and swim the hightest peaks
don't tell me no just yes
lullibys bedtime kissing eyes

I'd walk backwards around this world
and crawl right out of my skin for you
dig my way to the core
i'd start all over again if it was for you

sun sets moon rise
cold winters night brave alone
float away i'm gone
to grab you a star
milky way she's yours

so lay me down to sleep
dream my way back in her arms
kiss clouds taste sweet
them clouds they're lips to me


Written By: Friends of Blake

as long as your with me
as long as you dance with me
as long as you play the fool with me
as long as long as its you and me

Till the wheels fall off
or we run out of road
swim the shores naked
mmmmmmm no clothes

light a fire late at night
as the world spins around
put your hands in my
lets roll around the ground
muddy me and you all alone
drank too much now we lose control

sit with me and i'll sit with you
drink with me and i'll get drunk with you
sleep with me and i'll dream with you
be with me oh be with me

let's watch the sun as she does her thing
watching us as we sing
our song of love our song to be free
I'll drink you up that's all i ever need


Written By: Friends of Blake

I'm alone I'm alone I'm so alone
Can't find my way back home
I'm alone

On the road I feel so alone
dark dusty and gone
ahead in the lights and shadow of night
there stood the devil and me
said boy follow me and you won't be sorry
in hell you won't be cold
it's hot and bright and full of fright
goblins ghools and ghosts

I stared lucifer right in the eyes
horns sharp with time
said make your choice and come along
follow voice to where you belong
I gave my sould to the one I love
she's gone to heaven above
I'm in my mind you fool been gone
crack went the lightning and sound

I can't find my way back home
lost on a one way road

Mary Jane

Written By: Friends of Blake

mary ahhhh
said mary
my mary
mary jane mary jane

get lost in outer space
dance around the moon with you
twinkle the toes or the stars
close my eyes
close my eyes
close my eyes for you girl

oh think about what it is
that i'm saying to you
oh yeah oh
so lost is the dead mans soul
the samarai with out his sword
drifting away he calls your name
my mary
close my eyes
close my eyes
close my eyes for you girl

wood floats only so long
water washes away
all things in between
red eyes disquised
in comes the tide
away shes gone
close my eyes
close my eyes
close my eyes for you girl


Friends of Blake - Untitled (Released date to be 11/11/11)

Set List

Typical Show Featuring Originals First, around 40 in all (Usually Do 45 songs with covers)
Bring Me Back
Johnny and June
The Way You Found Me
Wine Tastes Good
My Little Man
Just You
Song 71
Can't Go Home
Crash Into Me
Can't You See
Lightning Crashes
Familty Tradition
Sad Sad Sad
Champagne Supernova
The Joker
Folsom Prison
Bad Fish
Little Lion Man
The Cave
Rock, Country, Blue, Top 40, etc..over 500 covers