Friends of the Stars

Friends of the Stars


The sound you'd get when mp3 players shuffle from Bill Monroe to Wilco to AC/DC to Fairport Convention to Will Oldham to Crazy Horse to Otis Redding.


Friends of the Stars are a Country/Folk collective from Birmingham, UK that has never done things the easy way. Nor have they often gone the right way; at least, not before a couple of ambitious, ill-conceived or simply stubborn blind alleys have been ventured down first.

Not known for their work-ethic or good fortune, the band have nevertheless chalked up several achievements since forming (as Buick 6) in the summer of 2000. Their debut 7" single, "Drunk on My Porch", was well received in alt-country circles and lead to airplay and two live sessions with the late John Peel. An ill-advised deal with Sanctuary Music followed, as did a lengthy courtship with major label BMG, before the band imploded briefly amidst accusations of them being ‘too Country’.

Regrouping, the band recorded "The Gun Quarter Tapes" at their own studio, before abandoning release plans for reasons unknown. Starting once again afresh they then recorded their debut album, "Lighting & Electrical", which endured a tortured gestation before finally seeing the light of day in September 2007. Released on the Commercially Inviable label the record garnered many fine and complimentary reviews.

They are currently recording their second album, "Faith's Meat Kiosk", and claim to be making significant progress. As with their debut album, this release will also be handled by Commerically Inviable Records.


Lighting and Electrical - debut 10 track album released 2007

Sharpening a Blade - download remix, The L & R Woodcutter Fabulous Remix

Feelin' Blue - download remix, Teatowel Remix

Community Punishment Workshop - Selected Recordings 2000 - 2005: available as downloads

Peel Sessions set list (2001 and 2002):
Jealous Again
35 Days
In my Time of Dyin'
Brand New Morning

Set List

Band can play as an acoustic 3-piece or as a 5-piece band. Set lengths can be tailored to suit - from 20/30 minute opening slots to longer as required. The majority of the material the band plays is it's own, altough the occasionally perform covers of songs by Johnny Cash, Randy Newman and Will Oldham.

Typical set list:

35 Days
Drunk on my Porch
Feelin' Blue
Sharpening A Blade
Foxvain Pastures
I Don't Love You Anymore
Stagger Home Safe
Foreign Muck