Friends of Tom

Friends of Tom


"Friends of Tom" brings the party to every performance delivering fun filled entertainment with stellar musicianship. Their style is an eclectic blend of Folk, Blues, Country and Rock. Their sound is “FoBluCo”, a pinch of back-woods, a smidgen of back-porch, a dash of delta, with sprinkles of twang , and a little honky tonk for fun! Raise the bar for your next event, call “Friends of Tom”.


Friends of Tom, a 2010 Lehigh Valley Music Award Nominee, plays a high energy mix of folk, blues, country, rockabilly, and classic rock with a little honky-tonk for fun. It’s pure Americana with a pinch of back-woods, a smidgen of back porch, a dash of delta, with sprinkles of twang, to produce “FoBluCo”, a sound borrowing from folk, blues and country. Their sound incorporates an interesting mix of instrumentation using mandolin, harmonica, stand up bass, telecaster twang guitar and powerful soulful vocals with an occasional yodel for the WOW factor that distinguishes them from their peers. When you hear the boot stomping you know Friends of Tom is going into high gear.

In January 2009 "Friends of Tom" released their debut CD titled "FoBluCo", a full length studio CD containing 11 originals and the traditional classic, House of the Rising Sun, FoBluCo style of course. The single "East Coast Woman" can be heard on radio stations in PA, and NY, and was released on QuickStar Productions CD Sampler, "Chill Out East Coast", Volume 7. The song and entire CD is available on Amazon, Itunes and other digital distribution sites.

"Friends of Tom" recently opened for Yarn at the Mauch Chunk Opera House in Jim Thorpe and has shared the stage with "Randy Weeks", who penned Lucinda Williams hit "Can't Let Go", and has performed live broadcasts on WXLV Roots 90.3 FM. In 2010 FOT performed in notable festivals in Bethlehem, Allentown, Emmaus, and Jim Thorpe. Most recently “Friends of Tom” was a Lehigh Valley Music Awards 12 nominee, and won the distinction of being a finalist in the 5th Annual Lehigh Valley Acoustic Performance Contest. This quintet has been performing consistently throughout the Lehigh Valley at festivals, fundraisers and local performance venues for the last 6 years. It is business as usual to hear foot stomping and hoots from the audience as “Friends of Tom” kicks their shows into high gear. Come on, take a listen and get the groove.

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Just Because

Written By: Christopher J. Younger

Just Because - Capo 5 – Key C

[G/C]Just because you pay the rent
[G/C]Salute the flag, or are the president
[G/C]Just because you are a celebrity, Drive a Prius, or give to charity,
[D]It doesn’t mean [C]you’re a good [G/C]person,
[D]It doesn’t mean [C]you’ve got something to say.[G/C]

[G/C]Just because you’re educated,
[G/C]and can understand what Niche stated,
[G/C]Just because you’re on T.V. or wrote a book, or won a Grammy,
[D]It doesn’t mean [C]you’re a good [G/C]person,
[D]It doesn’t mean [C]you’ve got something to [G/C]say.

[D]Where have all the good people [C]gone,
[D]Heroes few, [C]morals none,
[D]Why can’t we all just [C]get along,
Just [G/C]Because, Just because

[C]When I look up I’d like to [D]see,
[C]Decent people with [D]integrity,
[C]Instead I see [D]corruption and shame,
With no [C-stop]solutions, only [G/C]blame.

Lead [D] [C], [D] [C], [D] [C] [G/C]

[G/C]Just because you go to church, and pay the piper and support the troops,
[G/C]Just because you’re an MVP, and play the best that best can be,
[D]It doesn’t mean [C]you’re a good [G/C]person,
[D]It doesn’t mean [C]you’ve got something to [G/C]say.

[D]Where have all the [C]good people gone,
[D]Searching hard and [C]finding none,
[D]Why are manners and [C]morals done,
Just [G/C]Because, Just Because,

[C]When I look up All I [D]see,
[C]Is a world filled with [D]hypocrisy
[C]Let’s all fight for a [D]change,
With [C-stop]solutions, and no [G/C]blame.

Just Because………..

The Men In My Life

Written By: Christopher J. Younger

The Men in My Life

The men in my life are the best men in the world,
They never give me trouble, and are always respectful,
Always treat me like a queen, and boy do they like to play

Mr. Martin, he’s a classic indeed,
Keeps getting better with age, and I think you will agree,
He stands a head above the rest, with a reputation that’s guaranteed.

Mr. Fender, he’s not out to impress,
A legend for sure, His look and feel surely suggest
He’s the master of casters, His Telly and Strat are the best.


The men in my life, no they don’t cheat on me
They’re not obsessed with sports, or other bad T.V.
Forget the Viagra, they’re always ready for me.

Mr. Taylor is sure coming into his own,
He’s sweet and bright, with a smooth and consistent tone,
He’s a little reserved but his reputation sure has grown

Mr Gibson is surely a treat,
His Les Paul Deluxe and Standard surely can’t be beat
When he pulls out his Custom, makes my knees go weak.


The men in my life are the best men near and far,
They don’t talk trash and they treat me like a star,
They’re always there for me, Yeah - they’re my favorite guitars.
They’re always there for me, Yeah - they’re my favorite guitars.

East Coast Woman

Written By: Christopher J. Younger

East Coast Woman

Well I’ll bring home the bacon, and cook your gourmet meals
I’ll wash your dirty laundry, and ask you how ya feel,
I’ll shower you with love and let you know you’re mine,
Just don’t expect me to ever be on time

Now everyone is crazy, counting minutes like their gold
I get a little distracted, at least that’s what I’m told
No disrespect intended, when I get there you’re all mine
I’m just an East Coast Woman, living in central time


The whole world has a problem with my life don’t you agree
Why can’t you just wait for me, I’ll get there eventually,
I try to be punctual, and all that it has shown,
Hell I can’t help it if I’m livin’ in a different time zone.


Vocal Improvisation

You seem to have a problem with my always running late
I – can’t – help – it, If I can’t keep a date,
You know that I’ll get there, most likely when you finish – but
How can I help it if my hour has 90 minutes.



I'm hear...............

Tell Me Now

Written By: Christopher J. Younger

Tell Me Now

Tell me now what I want to hear
Tell me you love me, without any fear
Because I know,
That it’s true,
Tell me now, Tell me now, I love you

Tell me now you’ll care for me
From today to eternity
Because I know,
That it’s true,
Tell me now, Tell me now, I love you

Show me now that you’re here to stay
Touch me now in you own special way
Tell me now what you want to say,
Because tomorrow will soon be yesterday

One look in, into your eyes
Reveals the truth, no disguise
Because I know,
That it’s true,
Show me now, Show me now, I love you

Catch me now I’m falling for you
One more kiss and it will prove
What I know,
That it’s true,
Catch me now, Catch me now, I love you


Should we be together
Will it last forever
Only time will tell
Now’s the time To set sail


Never Said Goodbye

Written By: Christopher J. Younger

Packed your bags with a, trip in mind
Running is the easy way,
Not thinking ‘bout, who you left behind
The hard thing is to stay

Left in a hurry, Destination unknown,
Course was charted and the winds that blown,
May have cleared the, Problems in your way,
Left too soon, Should’ve prayed

Leave us wondering asking why,
Could we have changed your mind if we tried,
Should we hate you or should we cry,
For never saying goodbye,
Never said goodbye

Would a phone call, Have made a difference,
Would a visit have turned back time,
Would we all be, At a party,
Instead of a fun--eral line,


Is it the anger within,
That fuels decisions, not understood
Is it the silence of sadness,
That deafens reason and judgement
Does anybody, really know anyone



Never said goodbye…………………
Never said goodbye…………………


FoBluCo - January 2009
Full length studio CD containing 12 songs, 11 of which are originals.

Single: East Coast Woman - November 2007
QuickStar Productions CD Sampler - "Chill Out East Coast" - Volume 7

Set List

Roots to Rock repertoire, with original material mixed in with cleverly reworked covers.

Original Songs from "FoBluCo"
East Coast Woman
Never Said Goodbye
Tell Me Now
Wait For You
Just Because
Grateful Ed
Broken Memory Blues
The Men In My Life
So Well
Who Would It Be?
House of the Rising Sun

Cover songs all done with a "FoBluCo" spin.

Angel From Montgomery
At Last
A Snapshot of You
Bear Bones
Before He Cheats
Big Yellow Taxi
Black Horse
Blue on Black
Broken Memory Blues
Can’t Let Go
Dance Dance Dance
Deep River Blues
Disorder in the House
East Coast Woman
Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover
Folsom Prison
Flowers on the Wall
Friend of the Devil
Give Me One Reason
Grateful Ed
Harvest Moon
Here Come The People in Grey
Hotel California
House of the Rising Sun
I Hear You Knocking
I Want You to Want Me
I’m a Believer
In the Garden
Just Because
Knocking on Heaven’s Door
Kansas City
Lake Charles