Friends of Yoder

Friends of Yoder


Expect to smile and for them to make you move.


Friends of Yoder's sound has been described as "good time get down music". The material goes from foot stomping hoedowns to funk to rock. Great singing, great playing, and having fun on stage equal the groups success.

FOY regularly plays medium and large clubs in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Iowa. Venues include, the Cabooze (Minneapolis), Red Carpet (St. Cloud), The Aquarium (Fargo) Tap Room (Duluth) to name a few.

The band was voted best band in central MN in both 2005 and 2006 by the St. Cloud Times. Their credits also include festivals like: Jammin' Country Fest, Moondance Jam, Upper Mississippi Shakedown and many others.

Singer/songwriter, Tim Haussner, is also employed by World Wide Audio where he regularly sings jingles and station identifications for television and radio nationwide.

After their second tour to Alaska they have proved in it for the long haul. The 2006 tour included: ravenous audiences, two blown transmissions, a broken ankle, a one hundred mile ferry ride, a traded show for a fly in king salmon fishing trip, a forced five mile hike in the thick of grizzly bear country after dark, two hundred miles of hitchhiking, and one hell of a good time.

The band does both organic sounding acoustic sets and ass kickin’ electric sets. Many nights you will hear both versions of the group. You won’t find a more positive, versatile bunch of musicians in one band.

*What's with the name?
The true story starts with a three legged dog, a hooker, and a broken down pickup in a corn field in Iowa, and the story ends with fire trucks, firearms, and attorneys. Yes, Yoder is a friend indeed.*


Kitchen Table

Written By: Tim Haussner

Kitchen Table

the focus of yourself can be gone
but when you got someone to lean on
life can be put back on that uphill slide
now were all together gonna have us a hell of a time

Pull out the spoons and start banging on the kitchen table
rattle them pots and pans till the morning come
pull out the spoons and start banging on the kitchen table
rattle the pots and pans till the healing come

put away all the fussing and fighting
do something more important more enlightning
put a smile upon your face
move your feet to the music if you can keep pace
all your gonna need is one little taste

For the Love (of the cocaine)

Written By: Tim Haussner

love of the cocain

dealerman on my corner tonight
drugstore beneath the broken streetlight
and it never takes long
for the customer to come with a window down
pass the hand without a sound
oh no no it never takes long

just another needle and an armtrack a little more blood lost south on main
i don’t think she’s gonna come back who’s to blame
for the love of the cocain

It’ll make you blind that you cannot see
a twisted up distorted reality
heard the tune i’ve played the song
snatch you up from behind
watchout gonna make your teeth grind
oh no no and it never takes long

so the dealer man walks your corner tonight
hiding in the shadows out of sight and it goes on and on and on

Solid Foundation

Written By: Tim Haussner

Solid Foundations

let me tell you bout the peple i love
standing behind me when push come to shove
they’d give me greenboys if i was in the red
comming with the cables if my batteries dead

they always get it get back connected on a solid foundation
keep it intact connected they do
they always get it get back connected on a solid foundation
that’s what these good friends

i got me a friend
he’s got a hammer and some nails to bend
any problems come fire or smoke
he hops his suburu... like we were kinfolk
hey say I’ll help you build it up connect it with a solid foundation
keep it intact connected it’s true
he helps me Chorus:

Got me a woman
with love, love sweet love
if i need direction she gives me a shove
she got backbone my partner strong
together in this world we’re we belong

She keeps me grounded and were conneded to make a solid foundation


13 track LP "Backdoor" released September 2006

Set List

The band draws from a huge set list of cover songs aside from original tunes. Sets last anywhere from 45 min. to 2 hours depending on the show requirements. The sets are complied of any of these songs.

sympathy for devil
legalize it
aint no sunshine
yellow moon
illegal smile
lonesome ornery and mean
ants marching
bubble toes
groove is in the heart
king of the road
life goes on
san fran blues
the weight
pride and joy
ico ico
green river
no sugar tonight
don’t think twice
folsum prison
good rockin
dancing in the moonligt
going down the road feelin bad
move it on over
yellow ledbetter
peaceful easy feeling
old hippie
leroy brown
under my thumb
how sweet it is to be loved by you
voodoo lady
coconut song
lousiana sat night
pencil thin mustache
brushfire fairytails
brown sugar
country roads
circle be unbroken
roses are free
lay down sally
dey-0 (bannana boat song)