Friends of Yours

Friends of Yours

 Northampton, Massachusetts, USA

Boy/girl power duo with an emphasis on dynamics and harmony over traditional song structure. Lyrical soul grunge. Intellectual Rock.


Lynn Simonds started out playing solo acoustic sets. Her melodic, sweet vocals and contemplative and sometimes offbeat lyrics earned her a small but loyal following. Her musical inspiration came heavily from acts such as Kristin Hersh, Leonard Cohen, and of course, the Beatles (John, before you ask).
Brian DiPippo was brutalizing his drumkit in a metal/noise band at the time. His main influences being the Melvins, Pearl Jam, and Sleater-Kinney.
Inside Lynn was a rock goddess waiting to emerge ("if only i could find a kick-ass drummer" she would sigh and say..). Inside Brian dwelled a versatility of beats just waiting to be synced up with just the right combination of power, sensitivity and soul. An unlikely fusion was generated when their styles and personalities converged. Lynn kicked it up a notch and Brian began to weave a lighter touch between more explosive sounds.


whatever happens

Written By: friendsofyours

yeah, ok, so it's a mistake
but it's also a choice you make
and when you look at it that way
you take more responsibility

if it is not meant to be
nothing can make it
if it is meant to be
nothing can stop it
you can pray, you can dream, you can wish, you can hope
but then let go of it
otherwise that's how you end up

whatever happens happens...

i know you wanna hold on but you've got to let go of it
cuz obsessing is the same as suffering

when you find yourself in situations that just seem impossible
remember that you drew them to you for the good of your soul
then welcome them with open arms
the pain, the grief, the miracles
when you work through difficulties there's rewards and there is peace and then the whole process will then repeat


Ours (LP 2008)
Contagious (EP 2009)
Ideals&Expectations (EP 2011)
What You're After (LP 2012)

Set List

Guitar amp, full drum kit, bass amp, 3 vocal mics.