Minsk, Minskaya Voblasts╩╝, BLR

Indie-pop, pop rock taking roots in the best pieces of pop-rock of 80's-beginning of 90's


FRIGA band was created in 2008 by a musician and composer Dmitry Friga.

It is difficult to determine the musical style of the project inside one certain genre. In the first place it is based on the British rock traditions (that's why all songs are performed in English). Sometimes it is hard rock minced through electronic sounds and loops, but after a few songs music covers a listener with a wave of soft lyric melodies, taking roots in the best pieces of pop-rock of 80's-beginning of 90's. It was time, when musicians thought about their music, but not how to perform pop-rock.

How can you express what you feel when you are walking down the street and music starts playing in your head? When you are listening to it, you feel, the style or instruments, which may help to realize it, are not important. You just listening to the music and don't want it to disappear like many other feelings that come to us and then pass away without a trace. That's how Dmitry Friga's music comes into being. It was created not for the fans of a certain genre. It is like mood pictures frozen in sound, and when you listen to it you can try on the mood of the person who composed it.

Set List

You'll never catch
I Know You
Held Up In Grace
You May Be
Held Up In Grace
In Time
Missing you so much
All The Roads
We are the stars

The concert program takes 40-50 minutes