Frinal Frontier

Frinal Frontier


We've been described as Garbage can rock. We've also been described as indie jazz metal... Our music is high energy rock inspired, focused on having fun. We write most of the stuff we play. We thrive on the live performance and give as much as we can to the audience.


We're all friends, grew up close to each other. Over time got more serious about getting organized to play.

Now that we do play as an organized band, we all read each other well, have great dynamics and a really comfortable vibe.

We come from a number of different musical backgrounds, many of us having years of formal training in classical and band settings.

We write most of the stuff we play. We do play covers though, and like to mix it up during the set list.

Being great friends, we all really connect on stage, and I believe this is very apparent when we play.

Some of our inspirations:
Ted Leo, the strokes, radiohead, sonic youth, pixies, built to spill.. The list could go on..


Nothing professionally recorded or released.

We have an unofficial EP, which at the moment would be comprised of mostly live performances.

Songs can be checked out on under Frinal Frontier.

Set List

We usually do at least a 10 song set. It might go something like this:

Pixies - where is my mind
Strokes - Reptillia
Arctic Monkeys - I bet you look good on the dancefloor
Kings of Leon - Happy Alone

Passion for the dominos
Classy girl
Black water
Patience Route66 and Lies