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"Special announcement from Central PA Underground Productions: DJ Phaydn joins CPU!!!"

Howdy Everyone! Despite all of the craziness, Quincey and I still manage to continue cranking out the focus. The focus right now? DJ Phaydn! We are so excited to announce to everyone that he has joined camp CPU! We have a special place in our hearts for Chris and his partner in crime; Carrie! Giddy doesn’t even begin to describe how pleased we are that Chris accepted our invitation to the crew!

Phaydn is another solid addition of Drum-N-Bass to the roster. He not only rocks the decks, but is a beautiful person with a really true soul. This is about family, unity and MUSIC and he really gets what the EDM scene is about. We have spent significant time building our happy family and know that the rest of the Central PA Underground Productions posse will welcome Chris with open arms and support in all of his dreams, goals and ventures. I know we will!

So…everyone welcome Chris to the crew, check out his Myspace ( and give him a great big hug the next time you see him, for you will be hearing him on a regular basis in Central PA over the upcoming year and we do have some truly special treats in store!

With love and respect~

Central PA Underground Productions
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Fringe is the collaboration of two DnB DJs who have performed together for years. Crio and Phaydn have come together to produce and perform the sounds of Neurofunk and Dark/Hardstep. The Fringe sound is the audio equivalent of the studies of Science, Mathematics and Technology while remaining organic in nature and keeping their roots centered around artistic individualism.