Soaring vocals and a wicked rhythm section. It's power pop with a progressive head and a big heart.


Frisbie’s debut, The Subversive Sounds of Love, was hailed as ‘the power-pop album of the year.” (Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune) A series of personal trials delayed a follow-up, but now the band has completed New Debut, a 40-minute burst of imaginative and affecting songs. While SSOL was rooted in the pop of the 60’s, New Debut reveals a love for the guitar rock of the 70’s. So much happens in these three-minute tunes as producer Matt Thompson breaks out the harmonic density of every song. Frisbie still boasts two of the finest singers anywhere, yet the emotions of their soaring vocals are more deeply revealed in the unexpected rhythms and timbres of the music. In short, New Debut will kick you in the head and the pants.

Frisbie is one of Chicago’s most popular acts, selling out venues on their own and opening for the likes of Wilco, Matthew Sweet, Cheap Trick and Big Star. With New Debut, Frisbie makes good on it's promise as “one of the best and most ambitious pop bands in America.” (


The Subversive Sounds of Love (Hear Diagonally)
New Debut (Appendix Records)

Set List

original music, occassional cover