Frisbitar is a band that got it's beginnings in a seventh grade music class. Through high school and college their sound has developed and matured. Their current sound is that of indie rock with some improvisational splashes thrown in.


Frisbitar Biography

Frisbitar formed in 1998, as a project for a 7th grade middle school class in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The instrumentation was two saxophones, piano, and drums. An instrumental song was written and performed for the school, the band performed under the name “Par 4”. High school brought a couple of member changes, a lot of name changes, and a few instrument changes. By junior year, 11 original songs were written and ready to be recorded. Recording took place and the result was an album called “Desert Drinking On The Porch Of Mr. Finnegan’s Diner” under the name Abandoned Ship. By this time the band was playing shows frequently and was able to sell a good number of CDs at shows. The band participated in many battles of the bands, talent shows, and competitions. They won nearly everything they entered and gained accolades in local press for their outstanding achievements at such a young age. They quickly became the outstanding local high school band of the Lancaster area, and won their high school’s talent show 4 consecutive years, as well as closed many local shows that had multiple bands on the bill.
• After graduating high school the next batch of songs that were written were distinctively more developed and mature. Each player’s skills had been honed, and the cohesiveness of the band was clear after five years of playing together. With a new and better sound emerging, and a new outlook for the future, one last name change was in order. The band is now called Frisbitar, and is a four piece “Semi-Progressive-Indie-Jam Band.” Almost all of the members are now through college with the singer graduating in 2008. Every chance possible sees the members getting together to record new songs and play shows on the east coast.
The band’s current sound melds influences from an extremely wide spectrum. Their Indie rock idols cross with their jam/experimental heroes to form a highly original sound. While capable of writing short, concise, structured songs with lots of movements, they are also capable of extending into uncharted territory with improvisational sections at live shows.


Frisbitar EP - 2004

Set List

Set list consists of all originals. 7 or 8 song set usually runs about 45-50 minutes