Frisco Circle

Frisco Circle

 Houston, Texas, USA

Fresh in style and lyrical content. Music with familiar progressions and riffs. Frisco Circle is unique, delivering quality sounds using Blues, Classic Rock and Southern Rock styles to create their Americana flair.


The history of Frisco Circle dates back over 20 years when the group was formed under another name to play to an audience with a folkrock/country style using acoustic instruments. Over the years experience and musical maturity began to pull the band back to it's roots. Frisco Circle was formed to realize the ultimate calling of their art to create and perform original Americana, Blues and Southern Rock music.
Each member began developing his roots in the 1960's and 1970's as they played with local bands. Several of the members shared the stages with Blues and Southern Rock "Hall of Famers" over the years and were heavily influenced by these musical greats.
The combination of different styles from different eras and the musical experience level of it's members has produced a sound that few bands can boast about... the Original with the Familiar... the Classic with the New.. quite an experience for the listening audience!


Several CD's were produced under another name. Currently, Frisco Circle is in the process of completing their first CD project which should be completed by the end of 2013 or sooner.