Friska Viljor

Friska Viljor

 Stockholm, Stockholm, SWE

People have called Friska Viljor´s music balkan pop or sauna rock.
We describe it as child music with adult lyrics. Music has been our theraphist.
At our concerts we always try to use the energy in our songs and tranform it into happiness. A Friska Viljor show is a party. No one leaves grumpy.


Those of you that have heard of Friska Viljor before probably know the story of how Daniel Johansson and Joakim Sveningsson started the band after both their relationships had gone down the drain. Those of you that haven´t heard of the band still know this particular kind of story far too good. Heartache has always been one of the prime catalysts for artistic work, and every artist sees their own suffering as something unique, and their thoughts and work about it as something the whole world should share, says Daniel.

After four years using music as a cheap therapist both Daniel and Joakim have now come to the point in their lives when it´s time for a fresh start. This clearly shows on the band´s third album ”For New Beginnings”.

The lyrics no longer consists solely of broken hearts. Instead there´s stories of happiness, sorrow and hope. You´ll get some soul searching in If I Die Now, a bit of nostalgia in the childhood portray Manwhore, and some apathy in
Hibiskus Park.

There´s also some changes in the music. You still get the drastic leaps between genres and the bands typical instrumentation with everything from mandolin, ukelele and glockenspiel to accordion, clarinet and saw. But you can clearly sense a new direction, away from euphoric choruses towards depth and seriousness.


2006: Bravo!
2008: Tour de Hearts
2009: For New Beginnings
2011: The Beginning of the Beginning of the End
2006: Gold
2007: Oh Oh
2007: Shotgun Sister
2008: Old Man
2009: Wohlwill

Set List

Changes a lot, but songs we tend to play are:

Oh Oh
Shotgun Sister
On And On
Old Man
If I Die Now
Hibiskus Park